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    Last night I posted about the annoying mouth dryness. I have had it for about a year. If I watch what I eat it helps. I was enjoying about 2 weeks of feeling pretty good with lots of energy. Within the last two days the dryness kicked on full force. Feels like someone threw a hot match in my mouth and it hurts. The back sides of my tongue actually feel numb. Then yesterday my right eye started to feel grainy. I called a friend of mine who has lupus and sjogrens and she said it sounds like that and that a good Rheumy will pick up on it. My Rheum appt isnt until next thursday. She could offer no advice on how to allieviate the symptoms and now I am soo tired. My eye dryed shut this morning and it hard to blink now. Anything I can do?
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    liquid tears? I would use the ones that come in a jell form. I've had lots of eye problems. Another tip is to gently wash your eyes at least 3 x a day with baby shampoo & lots of water. That helps to keep infection at bay.
    Good Luck, Day
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    Help for dry mouth; look in the toothpaste section at the drugstore for sprays and "under the tongue" tablets. I find the spray works very well. The tablets are nice to carry with you during the day.

    I just use over the counter "liquid tears" type eye drops. My doc said be sure NOT to get the kind for allergies (gets the red out!) because it contains meds you don't need.
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