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    Eight weeks ago I injured my back while doing some heavy lifting at work. Torn muscle vs pinched nerves vs overlooked compression fracture when x-rayed. I don't know. Physical Therapy was delayed 4 weeks or more waiting for MD referral etc. As time went on I began developing every kind of symptom in the world. Continued muscle pain, joint and bone pain, nerve pain, difficulty thinking, decreased concentration, headaches, nausea, tremors, sporadic sleep, wake up tired and staying fatigued, depression, anxiety, the list just keeps going. Each time I went to the Workers Comp MD I was reporting new problems. He responds, "Are you sure your not just a wimp?" and "You should not be having these problems from a back injury." I was beginning to think I was going nuts or maybe dying a slow death. I began my own research and discovered I am having all the CFS symptoms. My question is: 1) Can CFS stem from the back injury?
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    I know that FM can come from an I don't know why CFS couldn't also.

    Havning said that, I don't know for sure, but someone certainly will. I hope you will get some more responses.

    Are you new? Haven't seen your name before, so I assume you are or I just not up on everyone (that's true, for sure). If you are, I welcome you to our community. I'm sorry for you illness, but I hope that you can find some information and support as you go forward from here.

    Take care,
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    You most likely have problems related to the injury. Just the fact that treatment has been delayed can cause some of those symptoms. It sounds like the w/c doctor is a jerk. I know sometimes choices are limited, but I'd find the number of the insurance agency that carries the workers' comp for where you work and stash the number away. You may always have problems related to the injury at work. You will need to keep all the records, medical and the reports that came from your supervisor that went to the insurance agency who insures your company. Keep all of that in a file for the rest of your life, as you may need to refer to them.

    The cause of CFS may be many things from a traumatic injury, even to one's psyche, to an illness. It's different for each person. It may happen with no definitive cause.

    CFS is fatigue like no other fatigue imaginable. It's total exhaustion; sometime a person is bedridden and just cannot go any longer. In addition, this type of fatigue lasts longer than 6 months (for a diagnosis of CFS). Therefore, I would doubt that at this time you would qualify for the diagnosis.
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    Back injuries can be complicated so having a good doctor is important. Know your rights where workers comp is concerned and document everything and make sure your it's in your medical file. Get yourself a good lawyer to help you with workers comp because they are looking out for themselved not you. They are the shark looking to take advantage of the sick injured fishes in the big ocean.

    Many of the symptoms you describe are normal for your injury. It's when you haven't healed and the symptoms affect other areas of your body and continue for 3 months for FMS and 6 months for CFS. A neighbor of mine had a back injury and ended up with kidney stones and then an aneurysm near or in his kidney I can't remember, but his urologist said it was caused by the back injury stopping the flow of blood to his kidneys. So yes back injuries can cause other things to go wrong in your body.

    Be sure to get all your health complaints documented, I didn't and it's more difficult to prove later, even though you know things are changing in your body as a result of the injury.

    Good luck.