All the HEADACHES...!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by IndigoSC, May 20, 2003.

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    Hey, I have been having a headache now for going on 6 days straight. Now, I get headaches quite a bit, and get migraines as well, but I don't think I've ever had one that lasted this long. I can't figure out what kind of headache it is either. It's not really the same as my migraines, but it doesn't seem to be sinus-related either, because when I do get a sinus headache, sudafed usually helps it tremendously. This time it hasn't helped it one bit. I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas, or if it's something I should be concerned about?? I guess if it lasts too many more days, I'll go ahead and call the doctor. I've never had any kind of MRIs or tests or anything done, but I just can't figure out this's a PAIN!!!
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    I've had terrible neck pain for several weeks too actually, but doctor told me it was just more symptoms of fibro...and he wouldn't order an MRI or CTscan or anything... I had x-rays about 3 years ago and they came back normal, but then I also heard that x-rays sometimes don't show discs very well... but the doctor told me that if i had a disc problem then i wouldn't be able to move or even turn my head at all or anything, so I dunno... I just hope this headache doesn't last too many more days.
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    Yeah, it would be nice though if they could figure out what it was without having to have MRI or anything. I don't have health insurance and I'm sure an MRI would cost $1500 or more...BUT, if this headache continues and doesn't go away, I may have to. How many days of having the headache does anyone think I should wait before contacting my dr.? I really don't want to have to see him if I can help it (again due to the fact I have no insurance and have to pay for visits out of pocket). THanks.
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    I have chronic daily headaches for yrs.After getting a migraine diagnosis,I also found out I have FM(among other things).I have had ALL the tests that I can.I have had MANY(8+) whiplashes throughout my life and have SEVERE FM in my neck.(which causes my daily headaches and there is nothing that helps with them at all)I also do have TMJ syndrome and that also can make the headaches worse(I have a mouth splint I am to wear at night)The final prognosis....I HAVE to live with it and accept it.(one of the reasons I am now disabled)
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    PLEASE consider going to see a chiropractor! I too have no ins. and used to get horrible headaches that would knock me out of commission for weeks....if they are related to anything with your neck or spine you will get more and faster relief from a chiro than a gp anyway....not to mention costs much less in the long run...the chiro would take xrays right in the office and as they are trained differently can usually tell from that if youre spine is misalligned and causing problems...if you find a very good chiro...they will have no problem sending you to a specialist if they find problems they cant help you with...i have DDD and was in constant back pain and headaches since i was 12. no one ever thought to take an xray to see what was going on until i was 20! and that was a chiro...low and behold...discs in my lower back almost completely degenerated...he treated me sucessfully for the pain for a few years and when the pain could no longer be managed by him he sent me to the neurologist who ended up removing that disc....after that i only rarely had headaches but decided to persue other help as well...i saw a homeopath who managed to get rid of them any headaches i get are gone with 2 tylenol!!!! and i only have occassional spasms in my opposed to not feeling my legs...think about it please as this may be a lifesaver for you....(most chiros also specifically treat fm and cfs) they know more in general than most GPs....hope you feel better soon....hugs
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    Back in November of this year I started getting headaches daily which sent me to the ER 3 x in one week. I have NEVER had headaches like this before. I don't know your age but a change in Birth Control pills could be the cause or peri menopausal (hormones) could also be a culprit, since I think what was going on with me. They last about 3 months straight. There were a constricting type headaches, started in the back at the base of skull and horiblle constiction like pain in my temples. Not sure what caused them to this day but they were nasty headaches. Had MRI, catscan & MRA< MRV which did show some possiblities and still testing. Seeing a chiropractor is a good idea for starters since you don't have insurance. My headaches were also causing balance problems and many neuro problems. If I were you I would start with a chiro and see if it helps, there are so many possibilites for their cause. You may just have a disc out of place which can easily happen just from sleeping wrong & chiro would help if its that. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the help and advice. It's definitely not menopause related as I'm only 25, and I'm not on any kind of birth control pills. I do take Elavil, which the dr. said is supposed to help prevent headaches, but i'm still wondering if it is not maybe the Cause of my headaches too.. I did have x-rays done about 3 years ago and they came up normal, so discs must be okay. Although I have been in another car wreck since I had the x-rays last. I always thought x-rays didn't show up discs very well, but I'm glad to know that they do!!! I may can afford to have a few of those, but most other tests are definitely out until I can get a new job and have insurance. I went to a chiro once, but all he did was re-align my back or whatever they do when they pop it, and it hurt way worse after that so I haven't been back. But, I'm sure not all of them do that to you. I just have to find a good one that won't want to pop my back and neck. Thanks for the help.
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    I feel for you - I've had chronic migraines since I was 16 and have been prone to daily (non-migraine) headaches as well.

    I've run the gamut on finding a migraine preventative as well as something to help with my fibro. I took Elavil for a while, switched to Nortriptaline, then the Neurontin. I recently started taking Topomax (began with 25mg twice a day for 3 months, Dr. just upped it to 50mg twice a day) and it has not only relieved the daily headaches, but reduced my migraines as well. It's been wonderful!

    I think a chiropractor is a great recommendation as well - they really can work wonders.

    Whomever you decide to see, I would go see someone soon - 6 days with a headache is not something to mess around with, especially one that is a-typical for you. Hope you feel better soon!
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    I have had a headache for 9 days it was the left half of my head and i have never had a headache like it it was agony it felt like electric running through my head, my eye was blurred my ear hurt, my head hurt, and my throat and neck hurt, it was only 1/2 the left half of my head prior to this my blood pressure was high and my pulse was racing and the doctor said i was very anxious and i have been signed of work with stress so i thought that is what is causeing the head ache but lots of people have said it is probably migraine i havent had migraine before and the pain is just starting to move now to the front of my head and it is not so severe but still there i got some tablets called strong pain killers with parasitamol and asprin in they seamed to help a bit but its still there i didn't go to the doctor because i thought its only a headache it will go soon boy was i mistaken
    Loopyloo xx