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    Last night was a bottom for me. I was sooo low and in mucho pain. This morning, as my head cleared a bit, I thought of the messages I had read from all of the 20's group and thought about all of you. Then I felt bad for crying so much about myself last night. My heart and thoughts go out to you guys. All I can say is keep looking for understanding docs and keep coming back to this board. The newest thoughts and suggestions are here. When you have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people researching and trying and looking for cures and helps something is bound to happen. Not that I am putting down doctors, but they don't spend time researching one DD like ours. They really don't have time to do it. I told one doctor that he had many patients, but I only had Anyway, you guys ARE young and have a greater chance of experiencing the finding of a cure or at least a very effective treatment for this curse (DD)!! I'm 46 and I'm thinking I will see it too.