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    for everyone experimenting with turkey roasting or changing stuffing recipes, cooking from scratch or turning to cans, for those traveling far or staying home, eating out, volunteering, frying turkeys, roasting, broasting or grilling turkeys, for those using chestnuts, sausage, fennel, apples or bacon bits in their stuffing/dressing, for those who will whip up mashed spuds with skins or w/out, with sour cream, buttermilk, chives, garlic, salt, butter, cream, pepper, and especially for those who make their own gravy, hail to you in particular.

    for everyone debating over pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin mousse or pumpkin cheescake or who ditched the pumpkins this year for sweet potato pie or cocoanut cream pie, I would like a good recipe for making pie crust...I get to crispy but its always tough, never lard the only solution...maybe crisco...hmmm, seems a step backwards.

    for everyone who made cranberry sauce, opened a can of jellied or whole berries and sliced it into a cut glass dish, for those who washed the celery stalks and laid them out funereally in their long dishes bedecked with olives....let's remember those brave souls who shamelessly make that green bean casserole that campbell tells us is an 'american tradition'--for those who've been simmering ham hocks with greens since yesterday and the neighbors can smell it down the block, let's recall those who dragged out the cast iron skillet, got it blazing hot and beat together a corn bread batter with buttermilk, corn kernels, halapenos and heard it sizzle as it hit the grease...I'm out of excuses and clothes that fit, to make another of my favorite chocolate layer cakes with chocolate buttermilk frosting...Hellmans Mayo I bow to your genius.

    it's been so many years since being a child and visiting relatives, eating food we never liked, but finding 'family' to eat it such a meal now seems to require permission from somewhere inside. Its a quick visit back in a time capsule where comfort food remains okay for a day, not forbidden poison...on thanksgiving no one has eating disorders because if you're eating, you're probably overeating, and obsessing about leftovers and your next turkey configuration.

    I found a recipe for turkey enchiladas, if we have leftovers from turkey sandwiches, which is doubtful because I hear JMQ's husband can pack away a turkey himself, on one leg, while humming the national anthem.

    and i heard a rumor that thetrulyverymadscientistmr.bill may come by for a yam or two, but if not and you see him, tell him the Boo's and me say dont forget to step away from the bunsen burners to have some turkey, we'll leave the porchlight on.
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    You sure do make Thanksgiving dinner soound mighty good! (I do have to check the meaning of par boiled though.)

    Your two posts would make a wonderful illustrated book!!

    Not too much happening here, though a good turkey dinner served here at work tonight.
    The people working in the cafeteria here, I think, have quite a bit of fun cooking. Small enough hospitlal so that they can experiment with recipes, and do custom meals, etc.

    ( They usually give me two deserts too!)

    Cheers to you and the two bootoos, your mr Bill

    Oh, I hear that your yams all come with special cat paw prints! lol
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    Ever read any books by Tom Bodett? He's the guy who used to do the Motel 6 ads. "We'll live the light on for you."

    Haha. I'm so old I remember when Motel 6 charged 6 bucks a night for a room.

    Mr Bill, sounds like they treat you right at the cafeteria. If they have double chocolate brownies, do they give you four?

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    Hail to Didoes post...

    loved reading it.Made my mouth water...all those descriptions of ways a turkey can be cooked.

    what the heck is 'broasting' by the way?

    Rock, do you think Mr Bill is batting his eyelashes at the cooks in the hospital, the way they feed him double helpings of yummy desserts.

    God Bless
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    If I asked, I'm sure they would give me four double brownies!!

    What is "broasting", I wonder also.

    I would never bat more than one eyelash........the charming charisma would be just too much for the gals.

    I somehow stay "skinny" so I've started calling the deserts here "diet desserts". Hmmmm, I do wonder if the cooks are trying to get me overweight.

    Merry Giving Thanks, Cheers your mr Bill:) lol

    Oh, yes, Didoe does have a way with describing Thanksgiving dinners.

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    You start by sticking the poultry (never heard this done w/anything else) under the broiler to get a crispy gold skin and finish it off inside the oven (roasting part).