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    Angel--I can't exactly understand your reply, as you know how it feels...16 mg of codeine is way less than many people take, so I feel I'm holding it down...I appreciate your reply. Oh, to be born & raised in TX! I ride western. (More at the end of this post)

    judywhit--thanks for knowing my passion of those 4-legged creature. I'll try the picture thing, as there was a pic of me in a newspaper running poles.

    Gary &...I'm sorry I didn't write it down. I wish I could have her call me, but not on her day off. She was also in the office yesterday, which was when I requested the re-fill. Who knows.

    Don't want to get a thread started that will be sent to the chat room. I've already done that! When this DD hit, I had several promising young horses that I had planned to train to take to barrel futurities. I have a lot of money invested in them, but without jobs, they can't be sold for much profit or some of them even what I paid for them. That was 2 yrs. ago. Now they aren't futurity prospects, which makes the price go down. I just want ONE good summer to try and recoup some of my losses....I have to have some constant and good pain relief for at least a summer and ..well maybe a year. Oh well. This board has been a well of info and ideas. Love all of you for responging!