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    Humming blocks sinus bugs

    What's good for your sinuses and bad for your coworkers? Humming a little hip-hop or R&B as you work at your desk, of course. Swedish scientists studied ten hummers humming and found that those irritating vibrations resonating through the sinus cavities dramatically increased the production of nasal nitric oxide (NO). No NO is not a good nose thing, indicating poor airflow and increased susceptibility to sinusitis.

    Using the time-honored chemiluninescence technique, the investigators measured NO flow during quiet breathing and then again during a little humfest. The latter sent the NO meter humming, increasing levels of the worthy gas 15-fold. Lead author Dr. Jon Lundberg noted, "If you could hum your way through the day, you wouldn't get sinusitis."

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    I only hum for birthdays or Christmas.