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    On your other post about being well now you mention foods that you eat that made you feel better. Will you tell me what those foods were? I was diagnosed with CFS this past Nov. and since then i have cut back on sugar and almost cut out wheat alltogether and i feel tons better. I take B12 & B-complex, C, Calcium(due to hysterectomy) and magnesium. This coctail and diet seem to be helping and i would love to hear from someone like yourself who is well now and used diet to do it. Thanks

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    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi Jennifer,
    The foods that I eat are very specific ones, meaning that they are grown, formulated, and distributed by a particular company. These particular foods are what has made all the difference, because of how they have nourished my whole body extremely and completely at the cellular level, to enable it to do its whole job of healing and functioning thoughout properly, healthily. They restored whole body balance and normalcy--actually they enabled my body to do that for itself, as they supplied the raw materials. My body knew what to do with that, once I finally was able to provide that for it. They aren't available at the grocery store, but you would be able to buy them yourself directly like I do if you wanted. They are available to anyone. Am I allowed to tell you the specifics on here? [The rules seem pretty tight.] I want to help, because it works....

    BTW, what is "Bump"?

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    Bump is what we do to bump the post back up if it hasnt been replied to or someone wants to keep it going.

    You can mention names of Doctors and stores and medications the only thing you cannot do is post a url website. You can however give words that will help someone search or google what your talking about.

    My husband and I have a garden and we eat mostly fresh veggies we've grown or store bought. We also get all of our meat from a local meat market that butchers their own Angus cows. We dont eat any can foods. I dont eat any processed meats such as lunch meat and I dont eat chips.
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    I'm just learning the ropes of this msg board, and not real sure what I can and can't do. But if it's ok to say so, I can tell you that what restored my full health again was committing myself to eat the foods from Sunrider Intl, which has their international offices and American plants in Torrance and City of Industry, CA. This is a 23 year- old company, doing business in abt 35 countries, which does all their production from seed to distribution in-house. That makes a huge difference in quality [most other companies buy from a mass producer, and put their own label on these generic products.], as the owner-formulators have higher standards than the FDA, and will throw out batches that pass gov. inspection, but not Sunrider's.

    These owners are married, and one is a medical dr and the other a pharmacist/biochemist/master herbalist, so they really know what is safe and truly healthy and what isn't, and won't settle for less. I really trust them like I trust no other person with my health. Obviously because they knew how to help me recover, but also because of what I have learned abt how the body works that really makes such great common sense, and what brings real health, and what their standards are and their knowledge abt the body. I have learned so much thru them and others who work with them--and it was so different from the path I was pursuing before for recovery. I learned how everything else I had been doing before, both prescriptions and nutritional supplementation, ended up having a medicinal/isolate/substitutionary effect on my body, which weakened it progressively, as opposed to a nourishing, strengthening, restorative, regenerative effect.

    I was a skeptic for a looong time, not wanting to be sold a bill of goods, and it took me several years to fully recover, but I am now quite sold indeed. This is real. It places my health in my own hands. Very empowering. The catch is that one must be faithful to hang in there consistently till they arrive at health. Everyone's timetable is individual--it just depends on where their body is at, and that is surely variable. But I'd been sick a looong time, so it took my body awhile to undo what I'd done to it. It's worth hangin' in until--however long that is. You know the alternative.

    I'm sure that you guys can figure out how to find Sunrider's website--it's pretty basic, webwise. You can order directly from there, and have the foods drop-shipped to your homes. I get them in 2 days, UPS. If you go to the site, you shd join, because it is to your benefit--prices will improve. All the products are concentrated 20-40 times, so you are getting huge amounts of nutrition for your money--so much more than you cd ever get in a grocery store for the same money. Ordinarily, one is sponsored by someone directly, who works with them, to answer any questions and advise them. That works well, as most of us aren't familiar with reading the body's responses of recovery, and tend to interpret them as illness. E.g., without cleansing out toxins, one can't become healthy, but how does that happen? Thru all the body's organs of elimination, sometimes even including the skin, depending on how open, or not, the normal channels are. And we have been taught to treat such "symptoms" as illness, and to block their operation with meds, or otherwise stop the process. By so doing, we only become more ill. Toxins must go, if we wish for wellness. That's just basic. And once they have, these "symptoms" can abate.

    Think "NBC" when you order. That's what it takes for proper regeneration of the body.

    The basic foods to eat for cleansing are Calli and Fortune Delight. There are some others, but start with the basics for sure. The SunBars help with cleansing, also, with FOS fiber,but are also a meal replacement, as are the NuPlus and Vitashake. These nourish every cell of the body. These are the "N" part of "NBC" [for "Nourish, Balance,and Cleanse"], as is the Sunectar,which nourishes the pancreas, to help balance blood sugars and blood pressures, [That's been documented.]and to help the pancreas to produce its proper enzymes for digestion. The Balance part is Quinary, which is 5 formulas combined, to nourish all the major systems of the body, and bring them into balance. I strongly recommend also eating the Vitadophilus probiotics daily, to offset all the antibiotics in most meats you didn't raise yourself.

    I have Vitashake and Quinary as my breakfast, SunBars as my lunch, and sip the Calli and Fortune Delight with Sunectar added all day. The energy just keeps on going. I used to have to eat every 2 hrs or less, to keep from crashing for weeks, but this keeps me going all day. I finally had dinner tonite abt 10 or 10:30, and haven't yet finished my 2nd SunBar [I eat 2 daily]

    I have a regular table food meal for dinner [hopefully you make that a healthy one,and not something microwaved or frozen--which is a bummer with CFIDS, I know,but it is live food enzymes that bring life to our cells, to create life and energy within them, and mic-ing kills life.] Read labels and watch out for chemicals of all sorts. They deplete the body's energy in dealing with them. Anything processed is basically dead wood, or worse, once again depleting the body's stores. Sugar pretty much destroys the immune system, and in CFIDS....

    You can use Sunrider foods in recipes and bake with them or add to dishes you've cooked, but you never microwave them or boil the finished product, as SR is all live enzymes, and you do not want to destroy them. That's one thing that distinguishes SR from the other supplements--fragmenting out the nutritional components, in effect, murders them, refines them--whole foods can retain their live enzymes if they aren't processed or overheated. SR isn't.

    There's the nutshell sketch. There are many tapes available on this philosophy of regeneration and understanding of the body's workings thru a group called "Tape of the Month Club"--extremely informative and helpful. Once again,I don't know if I can give you the phone # to order from....

    I've never worked with my hands restricted, so to speak, before, in sharing abt this--I usually work very directly with people, and help them along, and there's so much I'd like to share--so it's kind of hard to tell you all I'd like to, but I just had to get the word out as best I cd, and I hope this helps.

    : )
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    I found the website with the foods/supplements that you were talking about. It looks great but there is no way i could afford to pay for all of that stuff. And the one supplement I was interested in it says to take 10 pills at mealtimes, thats 30 pills a day? And then I'd have to pay shipping on top of that? That sure is a lot of money. I know you cant put a price on your health but sometimes we have no choice. I'm glad it worked for you tho.

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    Is there anything that isn't MLM? That can definitely work to your benefit. And it doesn't affect the products. : )
    You wdn't be required to work a business venture, you can just enjoy the benefits of the health they provide for.

    Jenkay, did you read up on what happens to the prices if you join? Did you see that you can immediately get a 20% price break, and later another 20 %? They have different options available to fit different situations. I understand abt the money issue--I personally put off trying Sunrider for 10 years, which meant 10 extra years of illness for me, so I encourage people to find a way to make it happen for themselves, if there is any way possible. I started telling other people abt it, and it enabled me to pay my own way. The thing is that this works for real recovery, so I had to tell you guys abt it. Obviously I won't benefit by doing so, but I told you for the same reason I can't sit on this info whenever I meet someone with a real need, who might listen. I really hope you can find a way to do this. If you eat the foods as your meals, it doesn't really end up costing much. If you factor in the costs of drs and meds, illness over the years, it becomes a steal by comparison. And if you add in what having a life is worth....

    Wishing you all the best,
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    Has anybody tried this? This is how allbetr got better. I wanted to see if it helped anyone else.

    Allbetr can you tell us how sick you were and what your symptoms were before you began this program? How long did it take?

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