Allegra worsened CFS symptoms

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elastigirl, May 3, 2006.

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    I stopped taking Allegra as an experiment from March through April. It went okay, but I did have trouble breathing deeply on some days.

    The weather was fairly dry and the "dust index" was through the roof, so I was having quite a bit of trouble breathing by the end of April.

    Decided in May I'd take the Allegra again. Bad news. I was tired, cranky, blue the last couple of days (took Allegra the 1st through the 3rd.) Plus SO dried out.

    My system is already dry -- I mean, I haven't had tinted urine in years because I have to drink water pretty much non-stop throughout the day. After taking my Allegra pill, I had to drink water if I so much as wanted to be able to take a step. Because my mouth would go dry instantly upon standing. Weird.

    I am breathing better, though. But I'm thinking I have to give it up. I cannot stand being tired, not after all the progress I've made. I hate being cranky & blue, not after discovering amino acids could counter this.

    My search for a homeopathic treatment for allergies begin. I am trying to keep the dust under control, but I have a dustbowl under construction in our "back yard" so to speak. The dust is getting in, no stopping it.

    There is a thick coating of dust on our tv within 2-3 days of dusting it, so keeping up has been hard. But I'm trying :).

    My son is suffering too. I reminded ex about his promise of an air purifier. He says he'll start looking this week.

    On the FM/perimenopause side, my heat sensitivity returned, too. It was 70 degrees out, I was dripping sweat and thought I would go out of my mind.

    It's 70 degrees right now, no Allegra, no sweat, no hot flashes :). Ugh, if only what helps us didn't hurt us, too!

    Well, off to start the day soon. Wishing everyone a pain-free (or at less-pain-than-usual) day.[This Message was Edited on 05/04/2006]
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    I was so cranky when I took allegra. It was worse than pms. I just take otc claritin,
  3. elastigirl

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    I had some internet problems today. I was suprised to see some other members had the same reaction. Will bump in case anyone else is getting the same symptoms when taking Allegra. I'm looking for a good substitute :).