Allergic to narcotics... Help what can I take?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cinlou, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    I can not take codiene, vicodiene, darvon, darvocet, etc.
    What can a person take that can't take these?? I am going to the Pain Management doc next Thursday for more trigger injections. I really don't even know if it is working. I have had the epidurals, too. My neck is just awful! I ache everywhere, too. I wish there was a Pill, something. HELP! I also have osteoarthritis, Degenerative disk disease, so I don't know if it is fibro or that.
    Thank You,

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  2. BethM

    BethM New Member

    Hi, Cindy. My mom was referred to a pain management clinic at Kaiser (southern CA). I've gone to a couple of the classes with her, and I'm very impressed. I wish I could attend the whole program!

    It's a new program at Kaiser. The students learn about the brain-body pain connection, the psychology and physiology of chronic pain, and ways to manage it other than drugs.

    You might ask your pain management doctor about programs like this. I've heard the Mayo Clinic also runs a similar program.

    The lecturer at the program yesterday told us that this is the decade for research into pain and chronic pain. I didn't know that! She said that during the second half of the designated decade for whatever they are researching we will start seeing the results of the studies and the research, and maybe new treatments. We can live and hope!

  3. Adl123

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    Dear Cindy,
    I'm like you. I can't take an of the regular drugs for pain.Have you tried acupuncture? I'm trying it, and my pains, both Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis, as well as Fibro, are a whole lot better.

    Aloe Vera Juice also helps me with my Fibro pain, and MSM, with my arthritis pain.

    Good luck,
  4. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member


    Thanks for the reply. That sounds very interesting, and research and all!

    I live about 35 minutes from Kaiser, Fontana, is that the Kaiser?? Both of my children were born there. I know longer have Kaiser insurance. My work does offer it, I may check into this. It sounds promising.

    Hey, we may be neighbors!
  5. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member


    No, I have not tried acupuncture yet. We had a doctor that I was going to go to, but he got in a serious auto accident before I was able to have my first session. My insurance will pay for it, it can be used just like chiropractic.

    I just need to find another doc that takes the insurance.
    All of our doc's are so far away, I hate to drive.
    ((Thanks)) for the suggestion.
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  6. BethM

    BethM New Member

    My mom is in south Orange County, but Fontana may have a program as well. I've heard they have a fibro support group there.

    My children also were both born at Kaiser Fontana. I worked there from 1980 to 85. I'm living in north county now, work in Rancho Cucamonga. After I move to northern CA this summer I may decide to work for Kaiser again, if they have the right job for me.

  7. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member


    My son was born in 1985, maybe you were there at that time. My husband (son's father) was there in 1985-86, he died from aspergillis endocarditis, I was told it was rare. He had 2 surgeries,open heart. They took him by ambulance to Kaiser in Westwood. I guess Kaiser in Fontana has it's own cardio ward now. That was a very sad time for me, with a baby and all. Maybe the stress brought on the fibro? I think it had alot to do with it.

    Take care,

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