Allergic to new sofa?? Any advice?? What helps??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by happycfs, Feb 20, 2015.

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    Hi friends!

    I have recently purchased my very first brand new sofa. I am very housebound and often bedridden, so I spend a lot of time on the couch! I have old beaten up furniture that I just try to live with. But I just had to get a new sofa. It was on the cheaper side of sofas, and I was fearful of chemicals and such But my sofa was literally falling apart and I have little money. So I did the best that I could in my circumstances and got a decent sofa. However, I have had it now for a few days, and my eyes keep getting irritated and my skin itches when I sit/lay on the sofa for any significant amount of time. …Is this off-gassing, do you think? Is it possibly formaldehyde or fire retardant? Will it go away? Will getting it cleaned help at all?

    I know that no one can have a definitive answer, not knowing my exact sofa, but I hoped that someone had some ideas. It is a fabric sofa, not leather. I got it on clearance so I cannot return it. ….I am so nervous that I may have made a huge mistake… Please, any experience with furniture allergies or chemical allergy to something similar? Any suggestions by any chance? I would deeply appreciate any thoughts and advice. Thanks guys!
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    This a very common experience for people with MCS (MCS is mostly a form of ME/CFS).
    Fortunately it is a fabric one not leather which can take many years to off-gas and become tolerable.

    There are a number of possible contaminants:
    1.General chemicals from being in the store or warehouse. If it was not covered then it could accumulate pesticides or just general fine dust.
    2.The fabric itself, usually formaldehydes
    3. Fine fabric filaments coming off the fabric as you disturb it, eg by sitting on it.

    Often fabric furniture can be made more tolerable by covering them with well used/washed cotton sheets. You can not spray it with anything to cover the fabric. You can vaccum the hell out of it to remove the fine filaments after which you could wipe it down with warm water let it dry and repeat the vacuum.

    If your symptoms are just itching and irritated eyes then I suggest that it is fabric filaments mainly causing the problem which would hopefully die down after about three months. It doesn't sound like allergy as such but you could still be hypersensitive to any of the above.

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