ALLERGIC to OLE-- Alternatives???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by paula45, Jun 26, 2003.

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    Okay, after all the hoo-ha I made over the OLE and probiotics, it now appears that I'm allergic to OLE. I got off both for several days, but yesterday felt like I was getting sick with something so I took OLE at bedtime. It's now about three hours later and I awoke itching all over and terribly stopped up with swollen eyes, etc. When I had allergy testing done a few years ago, I tested "positive" to anything that was green and grows outside. (It's either the OLE or the Jelly Bellys I ate before bed...Lord, please let it be the OLE!). Anyhoo, my question is: What's the next best thing to OLE in the way of antibiotic/antibacterial? Suggestions, if you please??? Thank you all so very much!!!
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    though that is green too!! I'm not sure if it's made from the leaves or roots, you could check - i don't know if that'd make any difference though!!
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    Colloidal Silver is all the things that OLE is and it is perfectly safe if used according to directions. It is a myth that it will make you turn blue. You would have to drink many bottles of it a day to have that happen. You can also buy the machines to make your own, but don't buy a cheap machine as they may not be capable of producing the smallest particles. The smaller the particles, the more pathogens the Colloidal Silver is capable of killing off. I buy a good brand at my local health food store. Again, don't go cheap if you buy it ready made. You can do a web search to find more on this.

    Do a web search on zappers, little battery-operated gizmos which emit a low-frequency/low-voltage current. You attach the wrist/ankle bands to your body and just let the machine go through its off/on cycles. It takes about an hour. If you are coming down with something, you can put it in manual mode for about 20 mins. and whatever virus you are getting will go away if you do this for two or three days in a row. It stops pathogens in the bloodstream dead in their tracks. I know it sounds like voodoo medicine, but I researched the theory and it is soundly based in physics and it works. It will even produce a Herx effect if overused. I think the Hulda Clark and Soma units are probably the best out there. I bought the Hulda Clark unit and it has been great, well made in Germany.

    Love, Mikie