Allergic to Rubber or Eleastic?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kredca4, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. kredca4

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    I have a dilly of a time finding a swimsuit that I can wear that dosen't cause me to have large Welts on my body.
    I was at Wallyworld today, and I say some bathingsuit's that are made of Lyric (?sp), . They are Maturnity suit's, and they don't fit so tight like a regular suit does. It also has a full skirt that will cover my butt for a change.

    No more string bikini's, not that I ever wore one.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Does this happen to you when you use bandages'? I get red skin, but no welt's. I found some bandages at Von's/Safeway that are Laytex free.
    They still make the skin red, but not as bad. I have to keep a finger wrapped all the time, due to a cyst, that keeps weeping. Oh well .

    Wonder if it's just FMS related or is it being caused by something else? like just a plain ole allergic reaction?
    I noticed I'm more allergic to things since the FMS started.
    Do thoes of you who have CFS have this problem?

    I also have to roll my white sock's, down so that the eleastic dosen't make welts on my ankles.

    Glad I found this suit, it may not be acctrive; but
    at least I can get back to my Water Excerise's, the pools finally Warm enough. I get to lead the 9am group, so I'm forced to go, lol.
    It's one of the best way's to excerise, if you can get to a Pool that is Warm. Cold water just makes mine Hurt worse.

  2. elaine_p

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    What a pain! Thankfully, I'm not allergic to rubber or elastic (I've got enough to deal with figuring out what I can eat!)

    Yes, people with CFS are more sensitive to things too. I've had to change bath soap, shampoo, and forget about styling my hair anymore since all the styling products I've tried make my scalp itch (or maybe that was just the shampoo, but I might have found one that works--finally!). Of course, who needs to style their hair these days, since I don't work and I'm not going to do it just to get the mail.

    And then there are all the food sensitivities I now have.... I used to have an iron stomach and could eat anything. I miss cheese....

    Well, glad you found a swimsuit that works! Sorry it's not as attractive as you'd like, just consider it another thing lost to the DD.
  3. MildredAnn

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    I, also, have an allergic reaction to elastic. I buy the low cut sox with very little elastic (they do not break out my foot , just my leg), I do not wear underwear anymore, I purchase pants with no elastic, or covered elastic, and bras with as little elastic as possible. I nave NUMEROUS allergies and take 6 shots a week for those (food, pollen, and mold). I also have eczema and think the elastic makes it worse. Hope these hints help. Does anyone else have suggestions? Good luck.
  4. franners

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    I too break out with elastic. I have to buy hanes her way and roll the waist down. And I just started to have reactions to band aids. Thie I had never had a problem with in the past. Big blisters. I tried a different kind to no avail. So had to go telfa and paper tape.
    I also about four years ago had an reaction to Penicillin that I had taken before with no problems.