Allergies and Chronic Fatigue

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  1. scarflady

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    Couldn't find information on this combination in the search area so I am asking the group.....
    I finally found an immunologist but she deals only with allergies. I have a compromised immune system and thought finding a doctor (immunologist) who has a background with immune problems would be a great help. Anyone in the group found they have Allergies also have a poor immune system and CF?

    Would appreciate any information regarding a relationship if there is one.

  2. elsa

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    Yes to allergies and CFS/FM. I didn't always have allergic reactions, they showed up with the illnesses ... which is a common occurance.

    I have been around horses all of my life. Not until the last 5-7 years did I become allergic to hay. The kind of reactions that cause raised red welps and itching where hay came into contact with skin.

    Chemical, ( some , not all ) perfumes and body lotions, etc. can cause a whopper headache. These symptoms are new to me as well.

    I think you'll find allergies a common place thing with CFS. Jeanne-from-canada posted a very good abstract defining CFS. It addresses the chemical/allergy problem.

    Hope this helps you out ....


    P.S. I take singulair, flonase and tussi-bid to control it.
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  3. jaltair

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    Actually, the immune system is too rived up when a person has allergies. The allergic reaction is a response to something foreign (sometimes to the person's own body). If a person has a poor immune response, they get sick with illnesses and not allergies.

    How do you know that your immune system is compromised? Have you had blood work, etc.?

    I have an overactive immune response, even some allergies to myself, and I also have FMS/CFS.
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    Jaltair Thanks!

    I get sick every time I fly. Sore throat, congestion and so on. I will get sick if in a large crowd, next day or two I get a cold or feel unwell. I haven't had blood work done yet. I will be seeing a new Endo next week and will ask her for many blood tests that my Internist has not requested. My Synthroid has been cut from 175 to 115 over a period of 1 year. My Internist tells me each time that the blood work shows I am getting too much thyroid. I am exhausted all the time. I don't know if I am specifically allergic to anything except that I am troubled with canker sores and must use special tooth paste.
  5. scarflady

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    Thanks Elsa

    Maybe I should see an Allergist just to rule out any possible triggers.

  6. scarflady

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    My goodness you are dealing with a lot! Please do let us know what your doctor says.....I will do the same.

  7. annielavon

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    Hello, I know of a wonderful Immune Doctor stationed out of Hollywood Beach, Florida. His name is Robert Keller, He only specialized with Immune Disorders, has a lab in his office space and they make quality Auto Immune vitamins for patients with Immume Disorders. The site to go to is I used to work for Dr. Keller and his is very professional, very intelligent and has GREAT PRODUCTS.
  8. scarflady

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    Thanks you so much for the information regarding the Doctor in Florida.. He really lays out a concise program for Chronic Fatigue that makes sense. The Biodoron site answered lots of questions for me.

    Thanks again....

  9. Empower

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    I have CFS and BAD allergies.

    I KNOW there has to be a correlation between the two.

    When my allergies are bad, (Like today) the fatigue is unbearable. I've spent most of today laying down
  10. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    If you catch every little thing, your immune system sounds downregulated, and your WBC's esp. Natural Killer cells must be dangerously low.

    I'm very chemically sensitive and I'm the total opposite. My immune system is so jacked up, which is why I hyper-react to everything. My immune system is ready to fight foods, scents, whatever. The one perk of that, is 4 yrs w/out a cold or flu, no matter how many people had it, even my fiance who brings them into bed at least 4 times a year.

  11. CFIDSNicole

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    Before CFIDS, I wasn't allergic to anything, except Sulfa medicine. My mom and sisters had horrible hay fever, and Dad and I just watched them and felt bad they were so miserable.

    However, since I've been sick, I suddenly am chronically stuffed up, chronic drainage, and I do have seasonal allergies. I have also had a case of hives (never had had them befor) that lasted almost two months, and it seems that sometimes food sets me off. So, now, it does seem that I have developed quite a few allergies. I also had an allergic reaction to Aciphex and Prevacid.

    My immune system seems to be on high alert--it's always going. One time about a month ago, I got two cankersores (I have always gotten these and they always took a week or more to go away), and apparently my body decided that they were deadly. My glands swelled on that side of my face, I got a fever, I had the chills, and I generally felt like crud. But, my cankersores were gone in three days.

    Go figure.

  12. cobie

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    Hi,You can reduce your allergies if you improve your gut health. Look up "leaky gut syndrome" to get some ideas from the net.,Dr Leo galland has some good info on allergies.Allergies come from an oversensitive immune system ,by reducing things your immune system is reacting too,may help it settle down. Cheers cobie