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  1. sues1

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    My allergies are flaring big time right now.......I read up on this.....this sounds like many of us:
    have been studying allergies. I really get it this time of the year. Cleaning stuff made me sick last week and this week also. I really smell the Windex

    So I read that for some they should not be around leaves or have them in their yard. They say to clean gutters and clean leaves as they fall....<<.sure>> can cause several serious sinus and allery problems that can even lead to pneumonia!

    Suffers has problems sleeping. When they go to sleep they do not sleep the whole night, just a few hrs. They wake up so tired, but just can not go back to sleep.They are allergic to other things also.

    They walk around tired all the time.

    Leaves has spores plus gardens and yards never gets a chance to dry right and it causes mold. Some not so visable to us. makes us ill.

    They recommend 1/2 Cup of bleach in a 5 gallon bucket of water for cleaning basements and such. Said it would kill any molds and such.

    Sounds all like me and many here. Susan
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    Hey prickles I'm in south korea and it's fall and I've been having a hell of a time where did u get ur air ionizer? The campus where I work is full of trees and leaves and wow my allergies r mad. Let me know so I can order one or get one when I come to the state. The necklace.
  3. ikumdo

    ikumdo New Member

    What have you been studying or learning about allergies and cfs/fibro let me know.
  4. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    ikumdo ......I have read some things before, but forget what. I have a short memory span......for some reason. I do notice that allergies affect my thinking. If I find anything more I will post it. I am sure others will add to this.

    I did learn also that it affects children and that is why they have ear problems and many times several times of having tubes put in their ears.

    Prickles.....I have been told, by a allergist, that I am allergic to air currents..........LOL.....go figure. But it is true air blowing on me, fans and air conditioning can make me very ill. I had air ionizers in the house once. Air was always fresh and nice.......but I got sick when they were on.
  5. app5775

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    I don't know if I'm allowed to suggest brand names of products but I'll give it a try. I have had allergies for many years but I have been on shots which helps alot with Fibro/CFS issues. I get my cleaners from a company called Melaleuca and I can tolerate all of them. They have a great line of window cleaners, tub and tile, counter cleaners and just about everything needed. They have their own website. You might want to give them an email or call or try to find a local distributor to get information from. You rather have to buy a certain amount every month ( to get cheaper prices )and you get bonuses etc. but the products are excellent. I've tried alot of products out there and couldn't tolerate them. With all my allergies and sensitivities, I'm finding their products are all good. There is also a book published which has gobs of uses for everything Melaleuca sells with "recipes so to speak" from using mixtures for safe bug repellents to using the oil for various medicinal needs. I can't remember the author of this book but it is sold on Amazon. If anyone is interested in finding out more let me know and I'll look it up. It has great information in it for the use of the tea tree oil which is sold as the trade name Melaleuca. Its worth trying, at least it was for me.
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    The reason for sleep problems when you have allergy going on is this. When histamine is released, the bodies' way to clear the histamine is to release Adrenaline. We all know that Adrenaline doesn't promote sleepiness.

    I've been suffering 9 days now with EXTREME allergic response to cleaning product, THE WORKS. It has been hell. To quiet the Adrenaline, I have doubled up on my beta blocker, Tenormin. Tenormin blocks the effects of Adrenaline. That Adrenaline can also cause memories and thoughts to become embedded and obsessive. Can cause racing brain, and extreme distractability. And symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

    I also add Ibuprofen to quell the skin and brain inflammation. Hope something here helps. Mild allergy is one thing, but extreme allergy is HELL, truely maddening, isn't it?
  7. balletdancer74

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    I'm right there with you! :) No matter what I do or take my allergies remain completely out of control and ruin my already existing sleep problems.

    Nevertheless, I recommend a very good air purifier, allergy free sheets and pillow covers, allergy free mattress cover (all for the dustmites), no carpeting in the house if possible, an A/C that also has a purifier in it...etc.

    I'm now at the point where I'm going to try the allergy shots. Here's hoping...

    To better days,
    LB32 (Leeza)

  8. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    THANKS.....Everyone who replied here. You are very helpful.

    I entered Allergy CFIDS Fibromyalgia in a search engine and got many sites, I passed looking at the ones adv. books. I wanted information.

    Ones I read was not for sending on. I felt it would be a violation. But I urge anyone that is interested in studying
    this further to use the search engine for more articles.

    I hope this helps......Blessings Susan

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