Allergies / Pollen Count in Hawaii?

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    hi all,

    i've been researching a list of ideal places to live and wondering if anyone has an opinion on the desirability of hawaii for allergy sufferers? most of the pollen and allergy maps do not include hawaii. does hawaii have a bad fall or spring allergy season??

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    For a week, on the Big Island (island of Hawai'i), as hubby had a work conference there. I didn't notice any real allergy problems, and the nice, warm weather helped me get over the last of a head cold. Hawai'i is made up of several islands, each with very different flora/fauna. Even the Big Island varies from a stark, almost all lava-rock landscape (where they do the Ironman bike ride/marathon, if you ever watch that) to rain forests like those on Kauai, the westernmost and very lush island.

    So for me, the visit there was healing on many regards. That being said, everything there, from gas to food to esp. housing, is very expensive, and jobs (esp. higher paying ones) are hard to come by. And for allergies, it really depends on what you're allergic to, but in general, each island has a windward, or wetter, side and a leeward, or drier one. The leeward areas in general have less vegetation 'cause of less rain/more sun, so those may contain less allergy triggers for you.

    Best bet, if you can swing it, is to try to take an extended vacation during the spring and/or fall and see how you feel. Or find a resort in the area you like (pretty much every major chain has a place on one or several of the islands), and give their concierge a call. If you go, be sure to pack a high SPF sunblock...the sun was very strong even this early in the spring, and I was thankful for all the clouds we had during our visit.

    Good luck, and hopefully you'll get some advice from a local!

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