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    Anyone else have numerous food allergies? I have to go in for more allergy testing next week. Sometimes I think I'll scream if my diet gets any more restricted. I can't eat wheat, tomatoes, peanuts, etc. It's a good thing my husband is such a good cook, or I don't know what I would do.
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    Yes Anna--I am going nuts here. Had to eliminate Carbos and Sugars. Then came dairy. Now I am on a low oxalate diet--that removed the majority of vegetables, fruits, and greens, nuts and juices and soups. I am left with meat---yuck! I have been a near vegetarian for years--with meat on rare occasions. Loved my dairy, cheeses, and nuts, beans, etc. for proteins--now those are out the door.
    There doesn't seem to be anything left!
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    I can certainly relate to your allergies.They can be terribly miserable.I had severe allergies at one point years ago,right around the same time I was dignosed with FM/CFS,until I came across a book called the Candida Yeast Answer Booklet.It states pollen,dust,grass,various foods and environmental allergies do not cause allergies.Sounds crazy doesn't it.The book further states these are only triggering mechanisms.The unhealthy condition of the tissues within the body caused by the irritation and inflammation of abusive eating of bad food with candida and bacteria buildup for many years in the digestive tract sets the stage for allergies and sensitivities.This along with genetic weakness contributes significantly to the dysfunction of the immune system and brings about the discomfort of an allergic response.Absorption of incompletely digested proteins is a major cause of allergy conditions.Candida weakens the digestive system,thereby not allowing the total breakdown of amino acids,causing food allergies.This may produce a wide spectrum of severe allergic reactions.If proteins are not completley digested and broken down into free amino acids they can be absorbed into the bloodstream and will cause irritated tissues.The immune system sees these as foreign or toxic invaders of the body and a powerful immune response is initiated.An immediate or slightly delayed chemical reaction of events occurs causing an allergic reaction which is caused by certain foods or our environment.The gold standard of allergy tests is available from Great Plains Labs. out of Kansas.They use the ELISA test.Many other allery testing methods do not pick up offending foods.

    I hope your allergies improve as I can attest to now that they can be absolved completely.

    Best regards,
    Jaster 45
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    Yes, I fully understand you allergies. I, too, have mold, pollen and food allergies. I take 6 shots per week, Clarinex, Flonaise nasal spray and nasal salt washes as needed. My diet consists only of meat, veggies,
    cheese, and nuts. I have IBS, osteoarthritis,(fingers really bad), high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat ,
    fibromyalgia, hypothyroid problems and take medications for most of these problems. I am gradually improving, but it is a slow process. My advice would be to evaluate your diet and if candada is a problems eliminate sugar
    perhaps milk. Good luck.
  5. Shirl

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    I think all of us have allergies, and the food allergies is just one of them.

    I have chemical sensitivities, and there is nothing to take for this except to avoid the chemicals you are allergic too.

    I clean house with vinegar, peroxide, a small amount of bleach, use Woolite for all my clothes and linens, use odorless soap powder for all other washing.

    As for foods, it would be easier to tell you what I can't eat instead of what I can!

    The worst is grapefruit, coconut, cabbage, onions, garlic, all nightshade veggies, tomatoes, eggplants, bell pepper, potatoes (can eat red ones, not the others) and thats just a few of the ones I love and can't eat!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    ```I have a history of chronic gas, bloating, rumbling in the belly! and Diarrhea. I have been very sick but my Dr. did not think I was, even though I went from 138 to 115 lb. in 2 months! Then I got a bad yeast infection and looked it up on the internet under "candidiasis" & "Leaky Gut Syndrome" and came up with all my symptoms under Food Allergies!! I am following That diet and am out of bed and have an ounce of energy!---and I'm eating with no gas or diarrhea! I even have a little Hope! I'm sad I can't eat a lot, but I thought I was going to shrivel away! Good Luck to you in your quest for health..It's so hard to learn that we can't eat this or that, isn't it? But let's just, as they say, take one day at a time, and pray for strength. God Bless,```````You'll be in my prayers`````````Fibromiester
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    I've been off of sugar and dairy for many years. I have a history of irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, yeast infections, colitis, etc. depending on which doctor you ask. Does anyone know how to actually get rid of the yeast overgrowth? It seems like whenever I make progress, it flairs up again. I remember once I got down to only 104 pounds (I'm 5 foot 8 inches). Going off of many of these foods let me get my weight up to 120 and keep it there, but it is a constant struggle to keep my weight up. Any new ideas would help.
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    One can try an prescription antifungal to get rid of candida. I could not tolerate them, made me very ill.

    Now I take daily supplements of Berberine and Grapefruit Seed extract, to kill candida, and Probiotics to replace the natural flora of the gut. It's working well.