Allergies,sinusitis driving me crazier

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  1. greatgran

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    I honestly think if I could get rid of my allergies, sinus problems, anxiety and depression I would feel like a well woman..

    I have tried everything, I think, for my allergies/sinuses and nothing seems to work.If it seems to help I end up having a reaction to it..Can't tolerate antihistimines
    they actully cause me to be anxious, decongestions make me hyper and anxious..My last thing was flonase well I thought it was helping but did it do a number on my emotions..I can't handle steroids..The antibiotic helps when my sinuses become infected...

    Just wondering how many of you suffer with this problem..The allergies cause the weird,spacy head feeling, fatigue and sometimes I think the flu like feeling..

    Thanks for your help,

  2. dreamharp

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    Yes I have what you have. If my head was cut off I would be
    fine. This sinusitis/allergy issue is my main symptom.
    Like you, I have tried everything! I have been looking for a
    cure for 18 years! I can identify with the weird spacy head
    feeling with the fatigue. It is driving me insane! Greatgran,
    have you tried singular? I have read that a few people have
    tried this and it helped. I might try it but I don't have
    a lot of hope it will work. My quality of life is the pits
    with this sinusitis nightmare! Lets pray for a cure.

  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    No, I haven't tried singular, just thought it would be like all the rest..Is is different?

    I was never bothered with this problem until the cfs. I think I suffer more now from the allergy problem than cfs..

    Good luck, if you find anything let me know..

    Thank you,
  4. cats3

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    Have you tried allergy shots or eliminating certain foods?

    I've had a lot of sinus problems all my life and since going to an allergist my problems have eased up.

    The doctor did allergy tests and found many allergies like food and environmental.

    Now get shots once to twice a week for the environmental allergies.

    On the food allergies you stay away from those foods like wheat,dairy,eggs,yeast etc.
  5. dreamharp

    dreamharp New Member

    For years and years I have gone to ENTs and allergy doctors
    and have had every allergy test known to man. It all comes
    out negative. Tried the food rotations and I am positive
    I do not have true food allergies. For me, I feel a different
    mechanism is going on here. Some kind of immune response
    to irritants I am breathing in but not true allergies.
    I have tried nasal irrigations, surgery, meds, salt/water
    cures and the list goes on and on. A little help but wish
    there was a complete cure. Thanks for posting
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  6. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I just bought some garlic pills will try them sure hope they work...Will the pills work as well as natural garlic and how much to take?
    Thanks Stormsky, I sure hope they work I know it can't hurt..

    Allergy shots I haven't tried in fact I haven't had the allergy test..but that may be my next step...

    Thank you for your help,
  7. CAAnnieB

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    Hi greatgran & others...

    I recently started treatment with a new FM Dr. He told me that chronic Sinusitis problems are often due to a yeast/ fungal condition...commonly seen in FM & CFIDS. He treats the yeast/ fungi with natural supps & Rx meds...

    The natural supps for yeast are:

    Probiotics or Acidophillus
    Oregano Oil
    Olive Leaf
    Grapefruit Seed Extract
    Pau d' arco

    The Rx meds he prescribes are:
    Nizoral Nasal Spray

    I am currently taking Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf, Garlic & Diflucan. I think it's too soon to tell if it's helping. Usually this time of the year is my worse for Post Nasal Drip.

    I'm not sure how Dr. Powell determines which supps & Rx's to recommend to each patient. If you wanted to experiment with the supps, I imagine taking a combo of 2-4 would be good, but I'm no expert!

    Just thought I'd share what I recently have been told. I can relate to your reactions to antihistamines & decongestants! I too react weirdly to them. Before going to this new Dr, I was using Nasanex & Atrovent sprays, but I haven't needed them since starting the new supps & Diflucan. So I guess I MUST be a little better!

    Good luck!

  8. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Greatgran wrote "Just wondering how many of you suffer with this problem..The allergies cause the weird,spacy head feeling, fatigue and sometimes I think the flu like feeling"..

    You described my allergy symptoms to a "T" when I got them well under control, a LOT of that went away...properly identifying the allergens was tough, though, and I do seem to be developing more as I get older.

    I do allergy desensitizing by self injecting, doctor sends me the antigens and supplies the script for the synringes. Have been doing this for's not curing allergies, just controlling symptoms.

    However, after the weird, spacy head feeling and flu symptoms got better, just over the past year and half, EVIDENTLY I developed recurrent sinus infections. I had no pain in my sinsues....get CHEST is where I had the pain. And felt so sick and ran fevers and yucky postnasal drip requiring antibiotics and sometimes Prednisone. THe ER doc said "asthma" the pulmonary doc said "Nope, you don't have asthma" He ran immunoglobulin tests and I am very deficient.....

    Also a CAT scan showed "recurrent SINUSITIS" Well, "you must have had headaches" says the lung doc, "Nope" says I.

    He pushed on my sinuses and asked if that "hurt" and I told him its probably the only part of my body that does not hurt.

    He started me on Singular which was developed to help asthma patients and found to be excellent for folks with recurrent sinusitis. It does seem to be slowing down the number of infections per year.

    Long story short is you are not alone..... Allergies do have to be well-controlled, but we have to KNOW what REALLY is triggering the response in our bodies.

    Good luck, June
  9. sdown

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    Ask your doc for a prescription for glutathione nasal spray. Its new on the market. My pharmacist told my doc about it. It saved me from having surgery as it got rid of my nasal polyps within 17 days of usage. My doc is a firm believer in supplements and vitamins. If your doc doesnt believe in supplements he might not prescribe this for you. Try to find a doc that does, its worth it. Ive also changed my diet drastically. Cut out all dairy products. They only product mucous. Drink mineral water instead of milk. I also try to cook with spices like turmeric, curry, garlic, etc. Turmeric is a good anti-inflammatory. I take acidophulus and bifidus everyday. I too had tried everything for sinus infections. I suffered 1 year with these infections before the doc told me about glutathione nasal spray. I tried nasonex, biaxin, cefuroxime, etc. Ended up in the hospital the infection got so bad. I wouldnt be alive today if it werent for that spray. It saved my life as I was too weak to go thru any surgery.
  10. lolee

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    Or should I say, sounds like I USED to be . . . I have to severly limit my intake of white rice and pasta . . . .bread is cool in moderation, whole wheat is even better. But the main thing for is also the saline spray. Not anything like Dristan, no medication. Just plain saline solution . . . . I spray my nose real good and use it like a rinse, spray, spray, blow. spray, spray, blow. and then one small spray so it isn't too dried out. It REALLY REALLY helps!!! I do this every night before bed and sometimes a couple times throughout the day. It helps to keep the airborne allergies from entering your system. But honestly, with symptoms as bad as yours you most likely have a food allergy too.

    I haven't had to use sinus meds in years and my migraines went from 2-3 a week to just a couple a year, unless of course I pork out on rice or pasta.

    Hope you find something that works, it may be a little of everything . . .?


  11. tansy

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    Diet is very important since some foods contribute to the production of thick mucous, dairy is the worst offender; the emphasise yet again is the need for a really healthy diet. Starchy foods and the wrong fats can make sinusitis worse, so can food allergies/intolerances.

    Garlic and onions are great. For those who like juicing carrot juice, taken separately or in combination with juices of beet and cucumber, or with spinach juice, has been found beneficial in the treatment of sinus trouble

    I was caught out this time due to my sensory neuropathy, my increasing dizziness had been ascribed to Tx for my cervical spine issues, it took a nasty virus to bring it to a head, so I’m back on what worked before and a few add ons.

    Sinus irrigation with salt and baking powder is recommended by a growing number of ENT specialists now because it works. My sinuses are too blocked for this so I’m using a saline nasal spray.

    The Mayo clinic has found most chronic cases are due to a mild fungal infection to which the immune system is oversensitive, so the various TX recommended for candida can help.

    Guai has worked for many with sinusitis even if the full protocol has not been followed; it’s excellent for thinning the mucous.

    Last time I used various alternative Tx for bacterial, parasitic and yeast/fungal infections; the most effective for me sinusitis-wise were wild oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract. Bromelain, also used for hypercoagulation and inflammation, can be taken for sinusitis; in fact enzymes generally can help. Turmeric did not stop this bout of sinusitis happening, but I have no doubt continuing to take it helps. Colloidal silver used as a nasal spray has been reported as helpful. I may try a powerful enzyme from Germany topically if I do not progress sufficiently on my current protocol.

    Since acupuncture used to help, though only short term, I bought an Acumag eye massager mask; this can treat sinusitis, some migraines, eye problems, stress, and even the neck. The Acumag seems to be stirring things up but it’s too early to say if it will work, it can take a few weeks.

    Another cheap alternative I am taking is the New Era tissue salts (Dr Schuessler) for sinusitis and catarrh.

    This is a notoriously bad season in the Northern Hemisphere for sinusitis, also chest and ear infections. We tend to go down with more colds and flu in the cold weather; these can also trigger sinusitis and make allergy problems worse.

    I found steroid sprays a double-edged sword, they would help a bit initially but I’d always end up worse off in the long run. Eventually all the steroid sprays would become ineffective; the last one was flonase, which became useless after using it for just a few months. I try to avoid them now.

  12. greatgran

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    Haven't tried the nose strips..Don't have that much troule with the stoped up nose, when I do I have found that Vicks vapor rub does as well as anything..

    Its mostly the weird head feelings, spacy feelings , chills no fever, fatigue, of course the big anxiety..

    My husband took garlic pills once and after he had been on them for sometime..I thought I could detect a garlic smell but if it works I don't care..cause I am so miserable with this crazy feeling...

    Thanks for your reply, hope you are doing ok...

  13. Laneygirl

    Laneygirl Member

    Hi I was wondering if anybody found relief for their spacey feelings and wondered if it was allergy related. I've been experiencing it on and off since Oct. 2008 and don't know what causes it really but now I'm starting to think it's environmental allergies possibly exacerbated by food allergies. I hate the feeling and it causes me anxiety.

    Any new info out there?


  14. mbofov

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    Laneygirl - before I did a liver detox, I would periodically get spacey feelings and fatigue, also appetite was off. Turns out they were related to my liver being overloaded with toxins. My chiropractor who did muscle testing discovered this. I did a serious liver detox some 10 years ago under his supervision and haven't had those symptoms since. He helped me so much, I cannot recommend muscle testing enough when done by a competent chiropractor.

  15. Laneygirl

    Laneygirl Member

    This is interesting. I just weened myself off the cholesterol medicine which can affect the liver. I was thinking more allergy or hormonal but I will definitely look into this. Thanks.
  16. Laneygirl

    Laneygirl Member

    Thanks. I'll look into it.
  17. kbak

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    Food is a huge allergen. Try going off all dairy and wheat for a few weeks and see if that doesn't make an improvement. Then think chemicals you use around the house, aka household cleaning items. Go with plant based cleaning and laundry items. There's a lot of them out there these days. I'm willing to bet you see an improvement. I swear so many things are poisoning us it's maddening!
    Good Luck,