Allergies/sinusitis net pot ?

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  1. I was wondering if using a neti pot often can keep sinus/allergies at bay like Dr. Oz mentioned once. Anyone? I know their is a sinusitis board but it is so quiet there so I posted here instead.
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    For me it doesn't work like Dr. Oz mentions. I have allergy symptoms but my allergy test shows I don't have allergies so guess its sinuses. When I irrigate my sinuses it does something to my ears, they feel plugged up or something. I know of those who use the netti-pot and find it helpful but with me it hasn't helped.

    I think my sinus issues has been one of my worst symptoms with this dd, not sure what the connection is. Also if the weather changes my ears plug up, my head feels congestioned and I have the horible anxiety/depression, now get a doctor to believe it. I feel I have had sinus congestion and ear problems that have never cleared up. I now am on a 30 day antibiotic treatment so hope I can clear this mess up. My CFS all began with a vertigo attack and I feel that is where the virus is and has never gone away.

    Are you bothered my the weather, when it rains or snows my head and ears feels so weird and the depression / anxiety is horrible also blurry vision, can anyone relate to this....

    If you haven't tried the netti-pot then give it a try , maybe I am doing something wrong as to why it effects my ears or I do have a sinus infection that has gone to my ears. Like I said this has been a major problem for me since CFS..

    God Bless,

  3. I also had a sinus infection and a mastoid infection. I asked if it could be from allergies and she said yes. The allergy pill xyzal keeps me up all nite plus I doubt my insurance will pay for it. So I guess I will give the neti pot a try, however I don't know how often you are to use it.
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    Was using Simply Saline instead (it doesn't give you that water up the nose feeling)-recently dr. recommended Rhinaris-it's also over the counter but has a moisturizer in addition to the saline and so far it's working really well.
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    In my part of the country, we get a lot of allergies year round. My ENT doc said to use a nasal irrigator. You might consider checking out (Not allowed to give the website per Pro Health rules, but you'll find it easily). Just about every grocery and drugstore sells both neti pots and plastic bottles that irrigate the sinuses from the manufacturer that I listed above. The plastic bottles in my opinion are a lot easier to use then the neti pots.

    You do have to be careful about not putting too much pressure on your ears, but once you get the hang of it, it can really help much more then allergy meds, which to me are just bandaids and have too many side effects.

    I've also heard great things about a product called Alkalol. It's a product that's been around since 1896 and is supposed to be a great nasal rinse. I'm strongly considering trying it. You can learn more at

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  6. I read on oprahs site that the gal that demonstrated the neti pot awhile back, her and husband uses it everyday and they are allergy/sinus free!
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    prepared saline mixes. but i did put too much pressure on my ears one time by blowing my nose after a neti-pot treatment, and there's still water i guess in my ear. i don't know what to do about it.

    i do think it helps me, and it feels good clearing sinuses out. i think it helps prevent chronic congestion. it feels light and clean and cleared after using it. but i didn't get that feeling with the prepared packets of rinse- salt in warm water is what works for me.

  8. butterflydream

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    i would not be without the Neti Pot.

    My husband & i use this on a regular basic to clear sinuses.

    I've had sinuitis for years, i've had less visits to the doc for antibiotic since using the
    Neti pot.

    Neti Pot works for me.


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