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  1. bioman85

    bioman85 New Member

    hey all,

    Just got back from the allergist, and he told me I have a whole host of allergies (mold, grass, tree among the worst). He gave me some medicine to take (singulair, allegra, and a nasal spray of which I forget the name). He said it is quite possible that my fatigue is being caused by these allergies. Has anyone had a similar experience?

  2. twinkles49

    twinkles49 New Member

    I also have severe allergies. When they tested me for 60 different things I was allergic to all but a few. The worst one is grass. Doctor says the grass is like radioactive to me.

    I take Pul-ma-cort (inhaler)2 times a day, Serovent(inhaler)2 times a day, Flonase 2 times a day, Allegra 2 times a day, Acculate 2 times a day and I get allergy shots every 2 weeks. Prednisone everyday and albuterol inhaler when I need it. I've been doing this for about 4 years now and all the medicines do help. Oh also Speria inhaler. goshhhh but that zapped my brain cells, lol

    My doctor told me at the beginning of all this that severe allergies cause, what he called it, Chronic Allergic Fatigue Syndrome.
    The doctor that told me this is now retired unfortunely, he was one of the best. But he said that it was an old termnology and not used so much now.

    He said that our bodies are so busy fighting off the allergies that it is exhausting to our systems.
    Which leaves us wide open for colds and such because our resitance is lowered severely.

    My fibro fog is bad today and can't remember all that he told me now. But it will come to me later, probably in the night, lol.
    Hope this helps you a bit.
    Take care, Twinkles :)
  3. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    I have relatively mild respiratory allergies and find MSM best for keeping them at bay. I tried one of the 'non-drowsy' allergy meds, but it make me sleep 'weird' and didn't help the allergies any more than the MSM.

    I know that it is OK to take MSM along with allergy shots, at least if you are a horse, but you would want to check with your allergist before taking it with other medications.
  4. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I have allergies now that I didn't have to deal with prior to CFS/FM. I also take singulair, flonase and
    en-tab to control them.

    I have gained a lot of help from these medications.
    In fact, if I don't take them everyday I'll start to feel worse in a short time.

    I really notice my reaction to perfume, cleaning supplies, etc. comes roaring back without these rx's.

    I don't think the allergies are the cause of my fatigue. I think they are a product of CFS ... one more area/system affected by this illness.

    I do feel much better tho.... these rx's keep my allergic responses under control.

  5. bioman85

    bioman85 New Member

    Hi and thanks for replying,

    In my situation, I no longer get the itchy eyes, runny nose, or itchy throat that has accompanied my allergies in the past. The only symptom I experience is profound fatigue. Could it be the case where my CFS caused more fatigue because of allergies? Who knows? Time will tell.
  6. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Like you, I don't have the "normal" allergy symptoms
    i.e. runny nose, scratchy throat.

    What I do get is lots of fluid build up in inner ears.
    ( Feels like I just stepped off a plane.) Headaches that
    can sometimes lead to migraine types. More tired then normal CFS tired and sometimes a sore throat.

    Ralph made mention of a good book to read that is
    available at Amazon. I think I am going to look into it.

    The things that seem to set it off are chemicals ...
    but not all of them and grasses.

    Good luck with your fatigue .... Think I'll go pick
    up Ralph's book.

    Take care,


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