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    Yesterday a friend of my husband told us that his wife has fibro and asthma. The doctors told them that she has about 6 months to live. They believe her problems are from an allergy that are causing something to eat her lungs away. If they could find what she's allergic to, they believe they could treat it and clear up all her symptoms. But every test they've done has come back negative.

    This follows closely my own experience. I was a perfectly healthy woman, but allergic to adhesive. The doc put a 24-hour monitor on me, the allergy attacked my skin (red, itchy rash from head to toe), bone marrow (blood transfusions for 2 years), then moved on to my lungs (asthma and sleep apnea, thank God it's not actually destroying them), heart (I have a pacemaker), and now my kidneys (a cyst on each one, so far, thank God, no cancer.) I also have a balance disorder; the neurologist has ordered a brain scan.

    Has anyone else followed a similar course?

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    You and your friend are in my thoughts and many prayers

    Wish you All well