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    I just wanted to post on what my Doc said about fungus and chronic sinutis. I live in Columbus, Ohio. My old allergist is my new allergist’s dad (I guess this family is dedicated). And he specializes in chronic sinutis and also battles it himself.

    I asked him what he thought about the Mayo Clinics findings on fungus and he told me that just last week he was at a “ round table meeting” with all the top doc’s in town about this issue.

    They came to the conclusion that the doc was nuts and so far away from the typical norm of what the general doc population feels is the correct cause of it. But he also said that every medical breakthrough came from someone who was originally thought to be nuts! So he told me to stay tuned and take these reports with a grain of salt.

    I thought is was very funny how candid he was talking about this guy. But he did say that what has really worked with his patients is to treat the sinus for “staff” (not sure of the spelling of this) infection. I guess people who have chronic sinus problems; their bodies do not take care of the typical staff infection so we need to spray antibiotics into them manually.

    I thought this was very interesting because it goes along with my fibro in that my body is so beat down, that I cannot fight even the typical staff bacteria in my nose.
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    Just wanted to tell you I am a Cincy Kid .I love Ohio.I hope to move back someday.My Hubby is from Mt.Vernon.We met at the Nazarene College There.Did I read you went to Ohio State? My kids love OSU.Have a nice Day!
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    Go bucks! Columbus is a wonderful college town! But Cinncy is a really nice city! I love taking 71/75 through the downtown when I visit my friend in Tenn.
    You have a good day too!
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    Just because all the typical docs find it bizarre doesn't mean it isn't the case.

    For years, probably 100 years, everyone thought acid caused ulcers.

    Then, this young doctor noticed that he was finding H pylori in all the ulcer biopsies. THE OTHER DOCTORS TOLD HIM TO SHUT UP, H PYLORI WAS HARMLESS.

    He became convinced that it played a part, A HUGE PART IN ULCERS WHICH WERE NOT DUE TO NSAIDS.


    Now, everyone knows that H Pylori causes many, many ulcers.

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    What is the name of the Spray Antibiotics that your talking about? I guess it would be prescription ??? I have Chronic Sinus infection all the time. I sure hope you can tell me more!
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    but it is an old antibiotic so its super cheap! The genaric name is : mupirocin 2%. It comes in a cream and I have to mix it with a salt/baking soda mix and water mix. I am to use a spacific ratio in a bottle sold at walgreens/ meijer or sav-on drugs called Neil Med. It is only a few bucks.

    I put in the Neil Med bottle a 3-6 inch "string" the topical cream with the salt water and mix like crazy.

    I am to spray 1/4 into each nostral twice a day!

    I will keep you posted as to how I am doing!

    Good luck
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    and it has cleared up since I began treating my sytemic candida three months ago. Candida is a fungus, so maybe this dr is on to something?
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    Recently I have started using a neti pot to keep the nasal passages cleaner and hopefully stronger and a little healthier.

    I had read about this years and years ago and said YUK.

    But desperate measures take desperate actions. I have had so many infections, one of my docs has given me an antibiotic prescription already written out to use WHEN I feel I need it.

    Using the darn thing is not a gross at the thought and my nose feels so good afterwards. Only time will tell if it works to ward off the infections from brewing.

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    do you have relatives in michigan? i have a last name of place...

    by marriage.. you never know we might be distant relatives...

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    about fungus? I didn't understand from your post.
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    This guy thinks it's an overgrowth of fungus in the nose that is causing the pain. It has been in the news a lot.

    Place calling Place,

    I thought that it might be your last name! We do have a rare name! I have always wanted to own a shop or something and use my last name in it!

    No my clan is from Chicago/ Wisconsin area. Up until 10 years ago we were the only "place" in Columbus.

    But another group from Toledo started to make there way into OSU and then stayed.

    I know it sounds really strange that I know this but my dad did a genealogy, I will have to ask if we are related to anyone or have anyone in “the state the must not be named”

    I will let you know if I find anything!!!!!