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    Grrrrrr! I typed this once and apparently I was in a fog and lost it. I am considering getting a referral to an allergist/immunologist doctor. Has anyone used this type of doctor to treat their Fibro and/or CFS? My friends mother-in-law uses one to treat her Fibro and it seems to work for her. However, I have never spoke to her personally.
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    I haven't been to an allergist, but I'd love to see one, that be about the only doctor I haven't seen yet.

    I did see an internist/immunologist/infectious disease specialist, only to found out out of the two of us, I was the one who specialized in CFS/FMS! He was nice, honest to tell me he didn't know what can be done, no one knows the cause yet so there is no cure, just treat the back to my regular doc to "treat" the symptoms.

    Come to think of it, anybody's symptom's actually being "treated"?????

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    I wish I could answer you with more decisiveness! I DO go to an allergist who specializes in FM/CFS. I started with him about 3 months ago. I do immuno-therapy for my grasses/trees/molds allergies (and as I've moved around the country over the years, this is about my fifth time for desensitizing shots), but he also tested me for foods, metals, etc. Found out a lot of stuff---definitely have leaky-gut problems/major food allergies I never knew I had, which can contribute to FM problems. Right now, I'm having great trouble using the probiotics he prescribed, because they give me stomach problems & heartburn, rather than making me feel better! So, I'm early enough in the process where I can't say with any certainty if this is helping, or will ever help! Hasn't so far, but as I said, it's early yet for me. I will keep you posted...

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    Sorry to hear the probotics is giving you problems. Is that normal? Do you give yourself shots for the allergies or just take medication? Yes, keep me posted as to how you are doing, I am interested.


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    I was referred to an Immunologist and then diagnosed with Fibro, I was in the denial stages when I thought I would need to look for another opinion. In doing my research I not only found out that my Doctor was one that came highly recommednded but his methods of treatment were all the latest techniques used. They seem to have a better knowledge of the disorder.
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    My allergist gives me shots. It takes about three years or so, you start out with a couple a week, and by the end, you are only getting them about once a month. I have done this several times before, because I have lived all over the country, and every time you move to a new climate, there are new allergens there! So you often have to start over. This part HAS worked successfully for me before; rather than sneeze incessantly & be miserable & using claratin & flonase forever, I find the shots work for me & I don't even use antihistimines or steroid sprays or anything. But it is about a three-year commitment.

    The food allergies---that's another story! I haven't finished the "book" on that one yet, I'm afraid! But the therapy for inhalant allergies definitely works for me.

    Good luck,