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    Hey all,

    Just giving you a quick update on where I'm at right now. The Allegra, nasal spray, and Singulair my Allergist gave me have not worked at all, but he had already made an appointment for me for this Friday, where I assume I will be getting shots. The allergy test that he gave me last week said I was severely allergic to all molds, pollens, trees, and dust. However, no food allergies showed up. I am hoping that I will see some beneficial effects from the allergy shots. If this does not work, I am going to my plan B (guai).

    During this time, I am also seeing a CFS specialist close to me. I have had only one appointment with him, which was not helpful because my GP did not forward him all the bloodwork they did on me.

    Cheers to all,
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    I had desensitizing shots when I was in my teens. Took them for 5 years (that was in the 70's). They pretty much did the trick. I still take zyrtec and flonase daily.
  3. jbennett2

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    I had desensitizing shots when I was in my teens. Took them for 5 years (that was in the 70's). They pretty much did the trick. I still take zyrtec and flonase daily.
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    I have been taking them for the last several years too. I too was severely allergic to most airborne things. They have helped quite a bit. Be patient since it takes a long time for results to be significant. Usually, one can expect approx. a 50% reduction in allergy symptoms from shots. I have never heard of guai as an allergy remedy.
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    I started NAET it to read more about how it works. I originally went because of food allergies & sensitivities, NOT because of my hay fever (BTW, I've done the shots on 5 occasions over my 49 years, mostly because I've moved around the country & lived in different climates= different allergens). But it was the NAET that had the greatest, most unexpected affect on my nasal allergies, too....even though I thought I was addressing mainly my food allergies.

    I'm still working with my NAET naturopath on my food issues, but this year---for the first time ever in my whole life---I had NO spring/summer allergies, hay fever, etc.--it's literally GONE!! No flonase, no benedryl, no Allegra, no inhalers, etc.

    It's like I never even suffered from hay fever, had horrible congestion, sneezing, coughing, etc. the past 49 years.

    It sure felt great!! And I just heard on TV that the mold spore count (& ragweed) where I live right now is higher than a kite. And I'm totally comfortable and taking NO allergy meds, while others around my area are suffering.

    You might want to at least investigate this, I'm still amazed at the results.

    Good luck & hope you feel better,

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    The guai would not be for the allergies but for the chronic fatigue...

    I do not have hay fever or itchy eyes or runny nose or anything else.[This Message was Edited on 09/07/2005]
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    I don't want to scare you away from getting them - but if you want you can check a previous post of mine that describes my experience "If only we could prove it!".

    After it triggering my asthma, going into anaphylactic shock, and now even having more intense allergies then when I started - I wouldn't go through the shots again if my life depended on it.

    I now take 3x 10mg Extra Strength Reactine - 2 in the morning, and 1 mid afternoon.
    2x Benedryl Night time - 1 hr before bed
    And I use Nasonex 2x per day.

    And this Antihistamine cocktail was actually recommended by my Allergist.

    I certainly hope you don't have ANYWHERE NEAR the same problems I had - Just be careful. Listen to your body. Trust me, it'll tell you if the shots aren't right for you!
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    Does anyone know what the shots are--I mean, what is the name of the medicine they're injecting. How often do you need the shot and where do they shoot you?

  10. bioman85

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    No, but I'll let you know when I have my appointment Friday evening.

    LISALOO New Member

    Before CFS, after 4 years of building up on shots, I got off all medication and went from 8 infections a year to nothing. Lasted for 4 years, went back on shots.

    However, once I got CFS last year, shots made me so sick. The night of the shots, I had such bad sore throats. I felt so sick and fatigued. I would end up in bed the next couple of days. I had to give them up. Shots cause a small allergic response to build up immunity. With decreased immunity of CFS, I couldn't handle it.

    Guai is a decongestant, but I still have constant sinus problems and pain. It only helps with congestion. I'm allergic to molds, dust mites, grass, pollens, animals, everything.
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    Are actually the things you are allergic to. It's meant to give the body a small local reaction to build up your body's tolerance to whatever it is your allergic to.

    So if you're highly allergic to weeds, grass and pollen - that's what they'll inject you with. It's almost like getting a flu shot.

    However the flu shot you're injected with a dead strand of the virus. Allergy shots you're injected with live compound - and that's what is supposed to build up the tolerance.

    Like the post previous to this (I check and still forget the names!) the sore throat, achyness, and irritation were weekly occurances for me too. For the first few months I had to take Thursday - Saturday off work (they only gave shots on Thursdays) just to recoup. Eventually as the dosage increased - and my few days off work were turning into days in the hospital; I stopped the injections.
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    The guai protocol is a complex protocol that some CFS and FM sufferers have found success from - so no it is not just a decongestant. Guai is the chemical found in the cough medicines.
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    For those of you who have had allergy testing, I am curious to know how long your reactions were monitored before your allergist decided what to treat you for.

    I had to have allergy tests done on a very allergic pony a number of years ago. The veterinary allergists took several reading of the her reactions to the tests, explaining to me what he was doing as he did so. He then had me do some readings until he was satisfied that I was doing it correctly. After several hours and several readings, he send me home with additional rating forms and instructions on when to take additional reading over the next 3 days.

    He told me that the substances that she reacted to the longest and strongest were the ones that would do the most damage to her lungs long-term and, thus, the most important ones to treat. He would determine what those things were when I returned the completed ratings to him.

    A few years later, one of my friends took her son to be allergy tested. I was appalled to learn that the MD allergist took only a few (may have been just 1) readings immediately following administration of the test. The MD then made up the antigen mixture and sent them on their way. If they are still basing human antigen therapy on only short-term reactions, then it may be only partially successful.

    (And if you ever take an animal for antigen therapy, make sure your veterinary allergist is using alum-precipitated antigens. When I did it, some were still using the cheaper, but nearly useless (sometimes harmful), aqueous solutions.)

    P.S. I have read that people with CFS are not good candidates for antigen therapy because it challenges an already compromised immune system.[This Message was Edited on 09/07/2005]
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    Thanks for keeping us up to date. I'm sorry the singulair hasn't worked for you. It took a while for me to notice any difference. I still don't know which works the best ... singulair, flonase or en-tab. I just know I'll
    get the symptoms back with a vengence if I don't take the combo. every day.

    I've never had allergy shots, so I can't share any news about them. Good luck with them ... I hope you're feeling better soon.

  16. bioman85

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    I actually e-mailed an office who does NAET to ask about insurance - while the idea does sound farfatched to me, it is worth a try if it has worked for others. I will see if these shots have any effect, and I will let you know about NAET.

  17. bioman85

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    Shouldn't I undergo the allergy shots to rule out CFS?

  18. elsa

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    By your last post, are you trying not to have CFS? I don't think I would take allergy shots as a means of
    discounting CFS.

    Allergies are quite common with CFS. I never had allergy one until 7 years ago when I came down with CFS.
    I literally could roll around in the grass with no problem.
    I live in the "allergy capital of the world" ... no reactions. I watched my sister suffer horribly.

    I have been around horses all my life ... not until recently have I had reactions to hay. Pick up a flake and have immediate red welps pop up and itching where ever I came into contact with it.

    Allergy shots sound pretty serious just as a way to rule out CFS. If you have never had allergy problems and now you are allergic to all these things, then chances are good you have CFS. However, if you have been a life long sufferer and can find no relief anywhere else, then the shots might be an option for you.

    Good luck,

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    My point that I've been trying to make is that I have no other symptom except for the fatigue - I don't have itchy eyes, runny nose, any of those things. The only thing I experience is fatigue, which is a symptom of allergies. Therefore, it stands to reason that treating my allergies would treat MY symptoms of allergies (the fatigue, and only the fatigue - like I said, I do not have the common allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes and such). Is this thinking wrong?
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    I took allergy shots for three years and have very few sinus infections. Before that I always had one and lived on Bactrim DS. Now I just use some Benadryl when needed.