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    What a day I had. I start by going to my OB/GYN for my annual womanly exam. What fun that was! YUCK! My next stop after lunch was my appointment with my allergist.

    1st. I had not had allergy testing until today but I was familiar with it since my daughter had done it before.

    2nd. I wasn't nervous or anxious...I am not needle squeemish so I thought NO PROBLEM, Right?

    How nieve am I? After all these years you would think I would know NOTHING is normal with FM and CFS.

    Within three minutes, I had hives. The doctor immediatly removed all of the test items and cleaned my back. When they stood me up, I felt warm and flush and proceeded to PASS OUT!

    When i calmed down they gave me a liquid (antihistime I think). The hives progressed to ears burning, head itching, ect. I take 4 steroid pills to help the reaction. Then he gave me an epinephrin shot.

    My blood pressure was through the roof. I have never had problems with it until a few weeks ago. Right about the time DR upped my Cymbalta. COINIEDENCE, I DOUBT IT

    Anyway, I still wasn't moving air good so they gave me a nebulizer treatment. Blood pressure stayed up for about 30 minutes somewhere around 165 over 102. I was sweating, flush, and felt week. WOW!

    After TWO MORE hours in his office, things settled down. The doctors and nurses stayed VERY near and watched me very closely. All is well now but I have had an awful headache since. Took a Flexaril and I am waiting on night meds to kick in.

    I am fine but anyone taking these tests with Fm should be CAREFUL. I was within eye shot of the hospital. Ask your allergist what the emergency plan is before your tests...JUST IN CASE!

    I wish everyone peaceful dreams. Dallas is getting a thunderstorm so I am going to try to get sleep before my boys come in scared from the thunder and lightening... woops too late...

    Good Night All!
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    I have been allergy tested numbers of times, and it is re-do periodically, just to see if we are on track with the antigens I receive.

    I never had such a reaction.

    What was the doctor's take on this?

    Were you super-sensitive to a particular thing????

    Glad you are better, you do need follow-up though. Something set you off.

    Fondly June
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    Wow, I am so sorry things went so badly. That must have been frightening...

    Did they by any chance tell you what you're allergic to or what caused that kind of a reaction???

    Hope you're feeling better,

    Nancy B.
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    How scary that must have been. Years ago, a woman who was taking allergy shots decided not to wait the 15 mins. following the shot because none of her shots had caused any problems. She died in the parking lot from a reaction to the last shot.

    I was allergic to several types of grass which grew in CO and every spring, I got soooo sick with allergies. I started the shots and every time, my arm swelled up and got hot and red and I felt even worse. I finally told the doc that I would rather suffer the allergies for a few weeks than be sick for months on the shots.

    Are you going to have to carry an Epipen in case whatever you are allergic to makes you have a reaction again? Do they have a clue as to what it was which caused the reaction. Even washing down your back probably didn't get rid of the spot or spots with the offending substance. It sure would be helpful to know what it is.

    My SIL had a severe reaction and his face swelled up horribly. No one knows what he is allergic to but he had been in the park right before. He now has to carry the pen just in case.

    Take care.

    Love, Mikie
  5. place

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    I have been getting allergy shots for the last 5 years. I am almost done with treatment.

    However, I just got dx with FM, started taking nortriptyline.

    I just got my shot this week and my arm ballooned into half a softball.

    I have had a red mark before when I first started but never a reaction like this.

    It lasted for 2-3 days. I can only attribute it to the nortriptyline or the sleep I am getting these days.

    I have to get tested again and will be going in this month, I hope I don't have a similar experiance!

    Good luck!
  6. jenni4736

    jenni4736 New Member

  7. jenni4736

    jenni4736 New Member

    Thank you for everyone who responded with such kindness. My wosrt allergy is COCONUT. We actually suspected this was an offender for me so the doctor had actually diluted the coconut injection for the test by 1/2. It made perfect sense BEFORE the test.

    I just wanted anyone considering allergy testing to make sure the doctor is WELL prepared for any emergency ahead of time.

    As we all know way to well, nothing with Fm and CFS goes as planned. I am still glad I had the test done. I found out some very important info that will help me. I actually carry a TWINJET now (it's like an epi-pen but with two shots).

    I know to stay away from buffets and be careful at parties and such. Coconut and cocobutter is a bad one to be allergic to. It is in so many makeups, lotions, creams, lip balms,foods etc.

    At least I know now. I still think the testing is a good thing! I just want you to all make sure your doctor has an emergency plan...JUST IN CASE.

    Knowledge is power....

  8. Cromwell

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    i HAD A TERRIBLE Reaction no where near as bad as yours, and it turned out it was the alcohol wipes and the plastic prickers they thought.

    Then later on I had several shots for bee allergy, on the fifth shot my arm swelled like a balloon, itched like crazy, trouble breathing etc.

    I agree, one needs some ER backup just in case.
    Feel well soon.

    Love Anne C
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  9. jenni4736

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    Thamks for the info. This happened yesterday actually. I just bumped the post so I could thank everyone.

    Oddly enough, I feel better today than I have in several months???


    CANSADO Member

    Hi Jenni,

    Some people have a rare disorder called mastocytosis. I think there is a similar ailment called mast cell activation disorder. With mastocytosis, a person has too many mast cells, which can cause the reaction you had. Your doctor could run a blood test for Tryptase, which gives an indication of the level of mast cells in your body. Mastocytosis is rare and I'm sure there are plenty of other possible reasons for your reaction. I've wondered why allergists give these tests all on one day (skin tests all the way up both arms, etc). To lessen the chance of a problem, they should consider splitting up testing between two or three days for new patients.
  11. MomExecutive

    MomExecutive New Member

    Hi Jenni,
    Glad you are okay! WOW, what an ordeal!
    I have put messages on some other posts about the vitamins and supplements I am taking for my Fibro.
    I just wanted to mention that the company I buy my vitamins and supplements from also has an outstanding supplement for high blood pressure. I am fortunate enough not to have my blood pressure high (knock on wood) but I have heard many people talking about their lives being changed by these supplements.
    Take Care and God Bless.
  12. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Jenni,
    Im so sorry you had such an awful reaction. How terrible!

    My Dr. did all of my allergy testing by testing my blood.
    She had my blood drawn at a regular lab, but then it was sent to a lab in Arizona, where they did a pretty complete test, including sensitivities. Then she gave me the list. It had at least 30 items on it.

    Maybe your Dr. could arrange for you to have it done this way. There should be a this kind of lab in Texas, but if not,someone who deals with this kind of a lab in Arizona, is a possibility.

    Good luck,
  13. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    Welcome to the wonderful world of anaphylaxis!!!!LOL...

    Same thing happened to me when I had an anaphylactic reaction when I was allergy tested.

    Make sure you get yourself a MedicAlert bracelet or pendant ( Even when you personally "screen" your food , you never know when something that you shouldn't have comes into contact with your food that you know is "okay" (i.e. on the grill next to your food at a restaurant).

    A Medic Alert tag saves TIME and lives. The time you may need one is when you're away from your loved ones who know you have severe food allergy.

    My strongest allergen is Walnuts.

    Also, make sure you have an EpiPen at home, and in your purse at all times. I don't recommend the car because the extremes in temperature will cause the drug to destabilize and come out of solution.

    You can plug your expiration dates into their web program so that you get automatic reminders when you need to call and get them refilled.

    If you see particles in the solution or the solution is a funny color, it is time to discard as well.

    If you ever travel on business, make sure you have the prescription label securely taped to the container protecting the injector pens. Security loves to look at them. I just take it out and throw it in up front so I don't have to have my entire bag dumped.

    Make sure the safety cap is in place also. When they are actuated, the needle is about 2 - 3" long and large bore - it could seriously hurt someone. One of my EMT instructors relayed the story that one of his EMT's in his rush to inject a patient put the wrong end of the pen to the patient's thigh and the needle shot clear through his hand.

    Make sure that friends and co-workers are aware that you have severe allergies and that you carry an epipen. They might have to help you use it one day.

    Finally, last but not least in EpiPen 101 - if you have to use it, you need to go to the Emergency Room ASAP. Putting that much epinephrine into your system at once is an emergency in and of itself. You may need additional management airway management, etc. Main effects are relaxing of the bronchiole constriction in the lungs and tachycardia.

    Madame Curiee

  14. starmom

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    I am so glad you are OK! This is exactly why you should only have allergy tests and allergy shots at the docs office!! Never agree to having the shots at home!

    My oldest had very severe reactions to his allergy testing. I had NO reactions to anything but the control. But my son was so bad that even on the much weaker pediatric intensity they had to dilute everything to 1/4 strength. And he was a very sick young man after.

    He reacted so strongly that the allergist recommended NOT having allergy shots, just prescription meds. And care and caution in life.

    Mme curie is totally correct, learn all you can about the epipen, and ALWAYS call 911 after a dose. DO NOT DRIVE YOURSELF ANYWHERE AFTER AN EPIPEN INJECTION!!!! You could have major problems anyway and kill yourself while driving.

    There are videos by the epipen people you should watch, and a guide tousing it you should also read. Make everyone in your home learn how to administer the epipen dose, you may not be able to give it to yourself. We even taught our 10 and 14 yo how two administer it, and we all refresh our learning every 6 mos when I replace them. They have a 1 year expiration, but I get new ones every 6 months just in case. Heat and cold can damage the medicine, keeping an eipen in a car is just NOT a good idea.

    I am so glad you are getting better.

    If you have allergy shots after this (for treatment) ALWAYS stay at the docs for a full 20 minutes after the dose (minimum time). Our pediatrician will let you go immediately if you want, and our allergist made us find another doc's office to get the shot because of this. Any swelling larger than a quarter should be seen by a doc.

    When my little guy had the shots we gave him benadryl 30 mins before the shot, this helped a lot! The shots never did help though, so the allergy doc recommended discontinueing them after 16 months. He just can't tolerate them and wasn't helped by them.


  15. jenni4736

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    Your responses were amazing! Thank you all for your help and comments concerning the allergy testing.

    My allergist had actually given me a TWIN JET(it's like an epi, but with TWO shots available in one pen). He gave it to ma after the first visit, before the testing was ever done.

    He did an excellent job at showing me the proper techniques several times and went back over it again after the testing. He (personally)actually even called me today to check on me.

    He did have me go to a lab and do the full sensitivites and allergy testing done further by the blood sample. He had not yet received the results today but said they should have them tomorrow and he'd call.

    Fight, Madame, and Star...Thank you for all the really great ideas concerning this medication. I promise it DOES NOT fall on deaf ears. I take this very did scare me.

    Cansado, I thank you for your concern as well. I do not believe I have the mastocytosis since I do not have any of the brown lessions, however it is something to keep a close eyes for.

    My blood pressure is fine now. I have been taking it several times a day and no problems since the test. I have had several shaking episodes with a racing pulse but so far the blood pressure has been o.k. but it is something else to watch for.

    The blood pressure has never been an issue before except for during a previous allergy attack when given an antibiotic during labor with my second child. Otherwise, I think its in pretty good shape.

    Sorry for the length of the messsage, I hope you are all well today.Thanks again!

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