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    I had heard about ALLODYNIA years ago but NEVER realised how it describes the true pain that we suffer with fibromyalgia.

    If you look it up you will see how it describes SOOOO many of our symptoms.

    Thermal allodynia.....stress from being too hot or too cold.Cannot control body temperature.Causes so much body pain.

    Tactile allodynia.....touch sensitive.Pain caused by any kind of touch.A hug can cause pain.

    Mechanical allodynia....pain caused by clothing/labels/fabrics etc.

    Neuropathic allodynia.......burning/tingling/shooting/electric pains all over the body.

    I hope it will help some of you to undersatnd as I did why we suffer so much pain.


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    This is very interesting. I was unfamiliar with this term before your post. NOw I want to know more and will do a bit of research by Google.

    I had a student years ago who did not feel pain. I am not sure if this is the same thing as he had a head injury that appeared to cause this.

    However, he may have been at an age where he was showing signs of this before the accident as it happened when he first started walking.

    Thanks and a bump!!

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    The absolute same thing happens to me, I thought I could be in perimenopause since my age, but I don't know I found this site that shows all associated conditions with fibro, I don't know if I'll get in trouble but let me know if you would like it maybe I could paste the link, I'm not sure.
    But there were approx. 20-25 conditions associated with FMS/CFS and I found the site very interesting, I swear I fit in practically every category, and alot of it can be helped changing certain things or getting on the right med so I'm talking to my Doc. about it next time. But I found one that was called Raynaud Phenemenon that kinda sounded like it it to, but regardless I have those conditions too (yaah!) lol.

    Anyways just wanted to let you know my opinion.
    Sorry for the spelling, I get things backwards sometimes with my letters.

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    I too believe that allodynia explains most or all of the pain symptoms of FMS. Many doctors argue that the widespread skin sensitivity is a symtom of central sensitization of the nervous system. Others, in some recent articles appearing here, argue instead that FMS is really a form of skin neuropathy. I tend to agree with the latter. The skin is everywhere and explains the all over pain, if it is diseased. No need to contrive explanations for the pain as "a pain syndrome of the muscles, ligaments, joints etc." when if that were true, it would necessarily be a disease of many very different types of tissue. Occams's razor requires one to follow the simpler explanation.
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    I would like more people to read this about ALLODYNIA and see how it affects us fibromites!!!!

    Please check it out!

    Rena UK

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