ALLSUP - Has Anyone Had Success With This Company?

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    I just became eligible for MediCare, and I was told by one of my providers to call ALLSUP to get help with the doc. They charged me hundreds and hundreds of dollars, took all my medical data, and essentially gave me an abridged version of the Medicare and You booklet with my personal data in it, what I could potentially spend, but no data on what the best plan is for me based on all my data!!! That's why I hired them! I feel duped, particularly after seeing the government booklet, and it made more sense to me and was FREE. I was told by an attorney, that I may have been scammed. I tried to cancel before the report was sent, but they claimed it was done., and that I could not cancel. I'm sure there are many of you out there who know how many meals are being missed to cover this.

    There are plenty of resources - FREE out there to help. I'm new at this, and I feel taken advantage of. No, I feel ripped off!
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    If you research here under Allsup, you will see that people have had success with Allsup representing them in applying for Social Security Disability. And Disability is mostly what this board deals with.

    The attorney that told you that you may have been scammed, what is his/her area of practice, did they review your documents? Did you pay them for their advice?

    The site below is Allsup and a "Medicare Advisor" service they provide apparently for a fee. I found it easily on the internet. You must read before you agree to or sign anything.

    Allsup does not sell Medicare plans, but apparently for a fee offers options you can pick for research, analysis and review of Medicare plans for you.

    Anything that you don't understand, you get in writing BEFORE you sign and pay.

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    When my short term disability was coming to an end I was contacted by Allsup who stated they would be able to cut through the red tape and get me Social Security. I explained at that time that I already knew that I would be approved for SS because I had end stage renal disease. They told me that they take care of the paperwork at no charge and they work for AT&T. I was contacted by a very pleasant person who took my information and filed it with social security. I was approved immediately. I received my award letter within 3 weeks. However I wasnt contacted by Allsup for at least 4 more weeks after that and they advised that if there was an overpayment I would have to pay it back to AT&T, they wanted me to sign a auto debit form so that they could take their money back. I told the representative that I was not comfortable with this, she advised that they would call me first before withdrawling anything from my acct. I agreed to sign the form. 2 weeks later I received a call from AT&T and was advised that they would not be paying my anything in Long term disability due to being paid by social security. So I received ZERO from AT&T. You can imagine my surprise when today I saw a direct debit from checking acct for 558.00 to Allsup. I called Allsup- and was advised that since AT&T paid my for February they want it back because I was paid twice for Feb. I advised the agent that I didnt receive SS until March 20th. She advised me that Social security pays one month behind so therefore I was paid twice for Feb! I was screwed by AT&T and now by Allsup!!!
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    I did not know that Allsup was working for insurance carriers as part of their short term/long term disability plan management. That is new to me and probably others here who have used Allsup. I did not use Allsup.

    I understand that some of the long-term disability plans insist you apply for Social Security Disability after a set time on long term disability and some would even assist you in filing for SSD. But I find it unusual that they were jumping on it so fast and calling you immediately when the short term disability was coming to an end. I'll bet they got a bonus for the money they saved the long-term disability plan.

    What they did was not illegal and there was nothing wrong with what they did. But they were helpful only because they were trying to get you to NOT apply for long term disability through the insurance carrier.
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    I represent people and I am not an attorney. I have written many cases that were favorable from Allsup, and I think they use guys like me to help. The best rep you can ask for is a former decision writer at OHA/ODAR and experience with SSA. These guys had to know there stuff just to survive. I did it for 30 years....
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    Allsup worked great for me. They told me everything up front. Got my disability for me. I was a happy camper!
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    One I pass the rep exam next may, I plan to take some cases for AS.