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  1. shelly11

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    Has anyone used these lawyers? How r they? I have a local lawyer but he does'nt seem to know very much about ssdi. I have fibro, anxiety, depression, and ot. Any suggestions? How do u get ahold of these people?
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    I had a bad experience with them and my attorney said she thinks they are nothing better than a mill the way they roll people through.

    To be fair though they have helped quite a few people on the board obtain benefits, you can google them, their website come right up.

    Good Luck whatever you decide.

    PS. I wouldn't recommend any attorney that doesn't have experience handling disability cases, oh, and someone here said that law firm Bender and Bender is no good either.

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    I was going to use them rather than a lawyer but I got approved on my own.

    The business was started by some ex-SS employees. They have a handle on it.

    But I did not use them so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

  4. shelly11

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    thanx everyone
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    I used them and won my case. I filed in October 2005. Was denied twice. I had a hearing before the judge 5/9/08, and was approved from 4/05 on.

    They were always helpful with me. When it came close to the 3 year mark I asked them about contacting my congressman. They told me who to contact, name number etc. I did that and within a week I had a judge and hearing date assigned.

    The lawyer was flown in from LA to Phoenix. I talked to him on the phone twice before the hearing, never met until that day. I was very pleased with him.

    I feel comfortable in recommending Allsup. Good luck.

    M J