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    Hi allwxrider,
    Thanks for post re Dr. Wong. Very informative.
    I am wondering if you have tried any of his recommnendations for cfs. I know you are taking the rexall enzymes which I guess are systemic in nature?? I am wondering if you have tried the ionix by isagenix or any other products mentioned by him in his articles. Does he recommend other enzymes besides vitalzyme. Is vitalzyme the fibro enzymes your mom uses.

    By the way cilantro for mercury detox is not recommended until mercury fillings are completely removed.

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    My mom and I are both taking Walmart Rexall enzymes, Olive Leaf Extract, C (1 gram) and ALA.

    I am also taking Dr. Wong's recommendation of Oxyboost liquid to add to water and a alkaline diet. I eat more and more veggies, juice veggies and eat a green salad every day. Raw veggies and fruits still have the enzymes active. Cooking or pasteurizing foods kills the enzymes.

    I haven't tried Ionix yet. I'm unemployed and sleepy so much that my wife is supporting me. Her new rule is that I have to use up what I have before I can try new things. I can blame her. I do have lots of pills.

    Yes, my mercury fillings were removed 2 years ago, but the rubber dam came loose and I know that I inhaled and swallowed some of the fillings. I also had 12 years in the USAF and got shots for world wide readiness. So I probably have lots of mercury. I just ordered a hair analysis kit to verify it.