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    Thanks for your response to my post.
    I have been curious about toxic metals for awhile now, because it's been suggested that it may contribute to my daughter's ADD and LD. But now I'm reading on this board that it may effect our conditions as well.
    Where did you get the hair analysis done and how did it cost?
    AND... what are you doing to treat the problem?
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    It costs ~$60 for a very basic test. I got mine from 1to1vitamins.

    Dr. Andrew Cutter, Ph.D. Chemistry seems to be the country's leading chelation researcher. He recommends using a more expensive kit from DDI at doctorsdata. It costs ~$100, but gives a statistical graph which helps you look for mercury mineral transport issues. Mercury tends to not show up on hair analysis but if the minerals are skewed a certain way, then it indicates a mercury possibility.

    Mercury can also show up on a mercury challenge test, where the patient takes a fairly high dose of DMSA and the urine is checked for mercury. It can backfire if the patient is REALLY toxic and dumps lots of metals all at once.

    Chelators tend to dump the metals that they carry as our bodies clear the drug out of our system and naturally get diluted. The key is to know the half-life (time it takes the body to remove 1/2).

    For DMSA, its 4 hours. For ALA its 3 hours.

    Dr. Cutter recommends 3 days ON and 3 days OFF. DMSA is also available from 1to1vitamins.

    ProHealth has a great deal on ALA.

    I wouldn't start any chelation until you look at the hair analysis results. Getting up every 3-4 hours at night is extra hard for this CFS patient!

    I just finished Round 7 and I feel better today. When I chelate, I feel extra bad. I'm extra cranky and just tell my family to forgive me...a lot.

    On a Yahoo forum: Adult Metal Chelation, some ppl report results between 9~20 rounds. One lady reported a surprise massive increase in Libido! Wow, the Yahoo forum was really buzzing then.

    Chelation and hair analysis FAQ is located at:

    Nothing for sale at this website.
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    Thanks for the info!!!

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