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    I have been following some of your threads and know that you are chelating. Tried to find some specific posts of yours this am, but am feeling quite poorly.

    First of all, how are you feeling and how long have you been taking DMSA and other substances per Dr. Cutler's protocal? I think you indicated that you felt better generally. Also, I seem to remember that you were having trouble getting about and could only walk a few feet without practically collapsing. Did I confuse you with someone else? I thought I saw a post wherein you said that some of your heart problems were subsiding once you started chelating.

    I am sure that I have mercury poisoning, and plan to have my amalgams removed properly slowly but surely in the next few months. Did you have amalgams. If you like, you can refer me to other posts of yours for answers.

    I truly hope that your health is improving. Wish I could fix everybody. Don't know what I would have done without this board. Thank you so much. Marie
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    Bumping. Marie