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    allwxrider, I read alot of your posts and am so impressed by your answers. You seem to know alot about EBV and mercury toxicity. Those are the two things that my new doc is looking into. I don't have any results yet but, have been searching these posts for any info I can get. I have figured out a few things that help me but, after a long weekend of resting and trying some new supplements I showed up for work today and was told how pale and tired I looked. Go figure! Anyway if you could explain to me how these two things seem to go hand in hand and what I'm up against I would love to hear from you. I check this board about 3 times a day, trying not to get busted at work. Thank you!!!!!! Ps I just read a post about Candida recipes. I think I have an idea about this I'd like to run by you as well. Thanks
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    Sorry, I don't check the board very often, and when I do I browse the 1st page only.

    My D.O. tells me that there are 3 states to any virus. Active, Chronic and dormant.
    Active is contagious, growing fast "flare" producing the virus classical symptoms. EBV produces swollen lymph nodes (spleen) and painful joints. Cardiac electrical conduction problems.
    Dormant "asleep" is where the virus is under control and a copy of it is stored in the spleen (part of the lymphatic system) and in the spinal column.
    Chronic is a slowly spreading state and infecting many areas. EBV likes to grow on the epithial linings (skin) of the organs.

    CFS needs to be called CFIDS adding the Immune Deficiency to its name since we catch everything that comes along. What ever weakened your immune system has somehow increase so as that your EBV is now Active. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) says that 85% of the US pop has been exposed to EBV so we have to ask "then why us?".

    I think that the root cause is not the virus but perhaps mercury...but there may be other factors.

    I was reading up on chelation myself and found that there are a lot of doctors that have gotten in trouble with a patient who had TOO much mercury and it got released in a large amount. DMPS is fed by an IV but usually an oral dose of DMSA 500mg is used as a "challenge test" to verify that there is a level of mercury to be concerned about. A urine sample is sent to a lab. In some ppl, the 500mg is just too much. I've read other websites that recommend just trying 50mg of an oral dose of DMSA and see if your kidneys hurt. I tried this and my kidneys did hurt bad. I waited a few days and tried it again and OK this time.

    Other websites say to just stick to natural chelation: cilantro, chlorella, MSM (or anything else w/ lots of sulfur). NAC helps the liver clear out mercury.

    My Obsession-Compulsion-Behavior symptoms just go bananas when I read about all this. That's why I have to get the Hair Analysis kit and just see what's going on.
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    allwxrider Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!!! You've given me some really good info. Very understandable and helpful. I'm really trying to dig in and find out all that I can and probably like most people when they find out they are not crazy and something is really wrong they go crazy trying to fix it. I have so many emotions swimming in my head and am worried I'm going to wear myself out just thinking at this point. I read your Bio and see that you ride. My son races Motocross and has since he was 4. He has riden in all weather as well and I really like your abbr. I will be seeing my doc in a few weeks and will let you know what other info he says about the hair sample. Thank-you so much again I really appreciate it!!!

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