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    I'd like to pick your brain today as I know you are very knowledgeable about EBV, and I had also checked on some back threads where you posted about the spleen.

    My twentysomething had mono about 7-8 years ago. She had a rough first year with it, coming down with some nasty viral infections, but she recovered mostly, although not with 100% of her previous stamina, but okay neverthe less. When she had mono she had a tender spleen that resolved.

    Fast forward to today. My daughter has a very demanding job and is under stress. This weekend she came down with a virus that seemed to be going around work - aching joints, fatigue, malaise, muscle aches. This morning she complained of a tender spleen that was a dull ache. She said it felt like it did during mono. She is seeing the doctor's preactioner today.

    All terrible thoughts are going on in my brain, until I read some posts that suggested that PWC's sometimes get the same symptoms. My question: Do you ever get a swollen spleen due to an EBV infection? Is it possible that my daughter's EBV has reactivated? Or, just the spleen reacting to a general infection?

    I'm sure the doctor will want to run a few tests, if my daughter ever gets to see the doctor. However, I am trying to see the situation in the best light amd hoping it is just her immune system reacting to the virus.

    Thanks for you input.


  2. springrose22

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    A swollen spleen can be one of the symptoms of mono, caused by EBV or can also be caused by Cytomegalovirus, both of which can trigger CFS, as you already know. Glad she's going to a Dr. soon. Rest, no activity. Take care. Marie

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