Almost quit my job today

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    Good thing I didn't - we're in enough financial trouble as it is, but I can only take so much. We have two bosses here - a brother & a sister. I work in an insurance office, that used to be their dad's until he passed away, probaby about 5 years ago. Anyways, Craig, the brother is actually a pretty cool guy, works really hard, is here everyday, etc.

    Laura on the other hand, is here on M, W & F from 9-3 and takes off probably 2 months out of the year for vacations - usually traveling to take her sons to their baseball tournaments & stuff. They play on all of the high end leagues, because she pays herself plenty to be able to do all of those things, even though she is hardly ever here.

    Sorry, obviously I take issue with this. I know it is none of my business, but I don't think it is good for the morale of the employees to make them work 50 times harder than you do & take home 50 times more money than they do, to support your extravagant lifestyle, when the employees are struggling to get by.

    Anyways, I've been having problems with our receptionist, who is 21 & is a little snot. She always has an attitude, which lately has gotten the best of me. She is very inconsiderate & disrespectful & God forbid you point out a mistake that she made.

    Well, the last couple of weeks things have been really bad between us, and I have been giving her back some of the attitude she has given me for the last 2 years. Well, today we all got called into a meeting, and while we were all spoken to about getting along and whatever, they took her side.

    I guess I'm just supposed to sit here & take her crap, wait around for her to do her job, whenever she is ready, so I can do mine. Problem is Laura doesn't care for me, so anytime there is any issue, my side is never taken. So, this little snot can have her little 12 year old attitude the whole time she is employed here (over 3 years), but I start giving it back to her for a week, and I better stop.

    Well, unfortunately, this is the straw that broke this camel's back. I will be putting in my 2 week notice on Friday & be frantically searching for a new job. I don't usually have a hard time finding one, so hopefully I won't this time either. I so wanted to just walk right out of here though.

    Of course I was upset, feeling that my side had not been fairly represented, and Laura says, Leanne, I just don't understand why you're so upset. I wanted to tell her to shove it up where the sun don't shine. Well, maybe I will in a couple of weeks - boy that will be nice.

    Thanks for letting me vent - sorry about the rant.

    Hope everyone's having a better day than me.

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    find a job first then give your notice....if you are in a financial can be hard to come by....

    just ignore the snot...if you have a problem w/her work take it to her supervisor...and let them deal with it...receptionists are a dime a dozen....

    do what you want...but i would not quit my job because of a co-worker...

    if i did anything i would go off on disability or worker's comp first...

    just my opinion

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    How about a heart-to-heart with Craig, at least about the receptionist? And let him know how serious you are about it and that is one of the reasons you might consider leaving.
    You know what I mean. Work the situation to your favor.

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    for your suggestions & advice. The bigger issue here is not the snotty receptionist - it is my boss Laura. She has seemingly had it in for me for some time. That is really why I feel that I need to leave. I have had numerous issues, and each time, she treats me like I'm some pee on, not even worth her breath.

    First off, not to be snotty myself, but I am a licensed, experienced, insurance agent. And, I have done so much for this company. They changed to a new computer system about a month after I started working here & I was the only person who had ever used the software before - and I was pretty knowledgable about it too. In fact, I still answer their questions to this day, 2 1/2 years later, about things they haven't figured out yet. So, it's not like I just sit here twiddling my thumbs, waiting to get paid.

    At any rate, I am not worried about finding a job. With my experience & license, I am actually quite sought after when I am looking - recruiters ring my phone off the hook when my resume is posted online. So, I just need to get it on there, and I should be good to go.

    I just can't take this crap anymore, and it is not good for my health, with all of the other stress I'm going through right now, to stay here.

    Thanks again!

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    when people are asked, what would you do if you won the lottery, the first thing is always, Quit the job.

    Most jobs have so much petty humiliation, infighting, stress, aggravation, etc., we are all thrilled to get away from it all.
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    Oh Leanne,

    You don't deserve this at all. I feel you have been MORE than patient.

    Screw the little family insurance company. Give your notice and get out. You'll find another job!

    Best Wishes,
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    I would ask for a private meeting actually and explain how rude this receptionist is. I would encourage any customers who also deal with her to call wiht their own complaints as receptoionists like that are usually off with clients also.

    I would actually ask why they took her side in this and why. You have a right to know after all. This attitude just gives her licence to carry on and you need to let the owners know this. Does the wife have a good relationship with this young woman? Sounds as if she may.

    Anyway I would get soem darn good reasons in meeting maybe just you and Craig for sure.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    If you worked directly for Craig, maybe there would be hope, but if your boss has it out for you, forget it.

    I was the office "scapegoat" in my last position. My boss just couldn't understand why I wasn't a "lockstep" player like all his other employees. Even though he hired me "just as I am". I guess he thought he could "mold" me to his autocratic ways - but I couldn't do it.

    So year 1 was fine, got a GREAT performance review, raise and stock.

    Years 2 and 3 were hell. I got the worst employee evaluation I ever got in my life, and the final straw was a 0% raise my third year that followed a 2% raise in year two and NO stock. Since I wasn't a pathetic sheep, I got shafted to the bottom of the bell curve so his patsies could get larger than average raises and bonuses.

    I debated with myself for months about whether I should leave. My boss was making me miserable. So I left, hat in hand and self-confidence in the toilet - I was so beaten down.

    Come to find out, my boss was fired from his position at that company and then got fired from his next two companies - and here I thought it must be me!!!!!!

    Bottom line - LIFE IS TOO SHORT!!!!!! QUIT!!! But wait til you have another job first!!!!

    Madame Curie
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    I have had some time to sleep on it, speak with my husband, and the recruiter that found me this job. I don't feel the need to speak with anyone here about anything, other than giving my notice. What I really realized through this is that when I finally got a chance to talk yesterday, no one even listened. And, they shushed me like 4 times before they even let me talk (defend myself). Also, my manger, who is a close friend, should have defended me - and she didn't say a word. So, she was basically the last friend I had left, other than my husband & you guys & well, we know what kind of friend she is now.

    I have no future here - Laura & Craig work together & make decisions together. My guess is that when their daddy was alive, he took care of princess Laura, and that is what Craig is to do now. I don't care what happens to this place when I leave, or what happens with our snotty little receptionist - she has no self motivation, so I doubt she will get anywhere, and that is not my concern anyways.

    When the boss doesn't like you - there is no hope for the future, and that is where I stand. I do still have my dignity, self respect and integrity, and I will be taking that with me. I don't want to work for people who treat their employees the way I have been treated anyways.

    And, I certainly have enough stress in my life without that crap. I mean seriously, are we in middle school here? Well, some of us act that way. Lucky for me, in the insurance industry, there are recruiters out there who can't wait to find me my next job, and I really like the guy who found me this one. So, I am letting him do the work for now & if that doesn't pan out quickly, then I'll post my resume online & let the other recruiters, or employers start calling.

    I appreciate everyone's concern - but I am fortunate that I have a very sought after skill, especially in the area I live & should have no problem finding something even better. And, I'm giving myself a raise!! I just hope I can keep Kaiser, as I have finally found a program that helps me manage my pain.

    Thanks again - you guys are the best. I know I'm not on here all the time, but well I'm really busy. I do try to help out where I can & really appreciate the support you've given me - I need it.

    Take care,