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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by srollins, Apr 11, 2003.

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    Okay,what about aloe vera gel, no not the one that you put on a burn. I mean the one that you drink. Someone has suggested that my SL try it. She had an Intestnal by Pass a number of years ago (30 yeasr I think) She has not seen a well day since.Anyway this was suggested to her to help with some of her stomach discomfort. I am trying to get her to come to this board, I think she would gain allot of good infor from it.She has many of the same complaints we all do. So can anybody shed some light on this aloe vera?
    Do you think its worth a try?

    Thanks ,Shirley
  2. srollins

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    Thank you

  3. Susan07

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    That's what we have to do, keep trying things to find out what works. I'm glad you brought it up, I did drink that years ago, but hadn't thought about it lately. Thanks for the bump on the head.
  4. srollins

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    Could you expand a little on the gel, like do you just drink it straight or mixed in something? Do you consume it in ounces or spoonfuls? How often?

    Thanks, Shirley
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    for quite awhile a long time ago. I had pain in my an ulcer type thing. And it really helped. I just put some in a glass with a bit of water and drank it a few times a day. I soothed it. Good luck. Hope it helps, and I would be curious to hear about how it goes.