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  1. yokki

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    I've recently lost my only connection to a friend who understands...feeling very alone, no one in my family understands the isolation of having fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. just needed to vent. please pray for me
    Yokki (my cat who is my only friend)
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  2. yokki

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    is it my computer or is the picture of your cutie cut off and only showing from nose to ears?
    Mine is a bald (well, very short hair cut) persian, orange and white. He stays with me everywhere since I had him shaved. I had a flare and it was too painful to comb his long hair so his hair was pretty matted. I decided to have him shaved and start over. Then I'll keep him cut in a "lion hair cut"...sort of looks like a poodle with long hair on his tail and legs and face...poor guy.
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  3. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    So sorry you don't have any support with family and you lost your friend. Please remember we are always here for you.

  4. NyroFan

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    Never alone! Someone is always watching over you even if it is one of us cybernauts. I am alone most of the time since I have been diagnosed and just do not care anymore. Any friends I had disappeared and I have gotten used to the loneliness. I live in a cyber world of my own creation and would say: maybe I am wrong-I have not gotten used to the loneliness, but have replaced it here in the group and my e-mail 'pen pals'. Do not worry about your friend: some stick and stay and others just go away. No control over it.

  5. kaiasmom

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    But we sure are here in spirit! It can be very difficult when no one understands. I think all of us have been there at one point or another.

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I seem to have lost all of mine - none of them ever understood, or even tried.

    Oh well, we all have each other. I know it isn't the same as "friends in the flesh" but, we make due with what we've got.

    Take care,

  6. sues1

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    The name Yokki is cute and it.

    I do not know how well you can get out.or if you can drive or have transportation......

    But how about going to the library as your big thing of the day. In time you will meet people. Also can pick up books and also get DVD's and maybe VCR tapes of movies to watch at home.

    Is there a support group close to you? Maybe if you called. if someone was listed for it, that they could find someone who lives near you to pick you up and bring you back home.
    You can meet some nice people there. They also understand when you have times you do not feel up to going.

    A YMCA or such with a special pool that is heated.....and not deep......for water exceries for folks like us. Water would feel good and you can do things in the water that you can not do out of water. Many are older folks with arthritis
    so they come in all shape and sizes.....even 400 lbs. So it makes no difference what you look like in a swim suit, nor do you need to know how to swim. They are not going to teach swimming in these classes either. Fun people.

    Church? Maybe a craft time to help with charities. Bazaar items and layettes for people that needs help....and so forth. Also church dinners and pot lucks...both are good eating.

    I was asked to join a gardening club and she knew I could not garden. But they are all nice people. I am allergic to flowers though! You can join things for the fellow ship.

    If over 55 yrs. of age....there's AARP local meetings. Ours has cookies and coffee and so forth and once in a while a pot luck.

    Many ways to meet new people. Just put your thinking cap on. Can you play cards? There's card clubs. I hear that the Sr. citizens Ctr. does that and Bingo and many things.

    Just smile as much as you can. Try not to talk a lot about your illness....but can mention you have problems to explain why you can not do certain things.

    You might offer to read books to children at a pre school.

    You can meet a lot of nice folks this way.
    I know that all is not possible at times. But I bet you can do something....maybe once a week at first and increase it a little if you can. You can rest before and after and you will enjoy yourself. Force yourself some to go and after a while you would look forward to the activity.

    I am wishing you all good are special....we all are in our own ways....thank goodness we are not all a like....boring......

    You will see things here to help you educate any family members on this, and that will help. But this is start.....i hope....

    Sending you love, gentle hugs and blessings...........Susan

  7. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Good Friends Are Like Angels.

    You Don't Have To See Them To Know They Are There.

    Your Friend
  8. AllyCat40

    AllyCat40 New Member

    We all understand. You are not alone. Stay away from negative people who don't understand. They will never get it. They only make you feel bad. I hope you feel better and find friends that accept you for who you are. Take care and feel better soon.
  9. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Unfortuantely, this DD seems to cause friends to leave, friends that one thought would never leave....but they do.

    I understand. I have lost many friends. It is very hurtful, still. I have no energy to pursue them nor do I have the desire...

    But, being here I have found that most have experienced the very same thing, sadly, and having this group to talk to helps very much.

    I have my cat, too! Love my big Felix so much.And, I have a very understanding husband. A big plus.

    My best to you.
  10. neen85

    neen85 New Member

    I have one of those huge flame point Himalayan cats also! His name his Biggie! "DJ's Luvin-it-up Big-time" is the long name....he is so "sappy" for a cat. Has to be loving on somebody all of the time.....just like a puppy!

    Glad you are here! You will have a bunch of friends in no time and learn alot too! Daneen
  11. bluestanglady

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    Yokki, I know how you feel. My so-called "best" friend told some other friends that she didn't believe in FM and that I was making it all up to get attention. WOW, I must really want attention because I gave up my own court reporting business (making really good money), gave up playing piano (now I can only play when I feel up to it), gave up doing the things I love the most (gardening, working outside, mowing the yard, playing!). People just don't understand. I feel so isolated now. I used to be with people all the time. Now I'm usually alone except for my husband. The kids are grown. We don't have the money we used to have and are scraping by. I get disability but it's nothing near what I made before. As for the YMCA, I'd love to go but there's this thing called 'money' that we don't have a lot of. Membership costs are too much for my budget. Also since we live out in a rural area, gasoline costs a lot to get places. I know what you mean. It is so frustrating. I had friends from church but when you stop going because the seats hurt to sit on and it wears you out getting dressed, and you can't do what the pastor and leaders want you to do as far as working in the church, your 'friends' seem to stop calling. Sorry for ranting but it is so frustrating.
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  12. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Of course. I am sorry that you lost that connection. My friend are fey to say the least, I have two who pop up when they feel like it, yet I have always been there for them. I guess people are so busy being busy they forget us.

    I have often felt my true friends were my pet cats and dogs(no dogs now)-oh a sweet little woodchuck is on our lawn-it is like a wildlife sanctuary round here. Boy I never knew woodchucks had long tails.

    Feel less friendless. Love Anne C