alone and need of some freinds,been down to long

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    Hi there everyone,I wasn't back for awhile thnk you for your to here from all of you .I've been down to long this time.These last few weeks,Ive been in a deep depression and the pain really hurts,I't like I'm in my own prison.I don't want to go out and I just don't want to do anything.Knowone comes to see me any more.I'm so lonely.
    I think it's because I can't do as much any more.I like when people call me and I get to talk with them for awhile.And I'm feeling like the pain is running my life.I'm onmeds but.they just don't work right.My husband has vacation next week,and we have our vacation plan ,But I don't think I want to go .That how I feel.I think it's because what ever i do i get tired so fast and hurt to much.There isn't nothing i can do.Doctor after doctor all they want to do,Is take me off my pain meds.they don't understand,That I'm in real pain.I'm very down.Can any one help me threw this,I have very bad fibromyalia,and deterorating disc disease and deterorating arthritis,and ostoearthritis,and neuralia,and chronic fatigue syndrome.And I've been getting injections in my neck because they found that my neck was decingrating.So I don't know how long ,I'll be able to go on.without surgery.I need your help,Where can I go ,What can I do.Who can help me.
    I keep reading about how people get help.Where can I go.I need more information. My life is disapearing in front of me.I'm only 52 years old ,I still have some life left in me yet.I'mtired of suffering every day,I need every ones help.thank you,please keep in touch.
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    Sorry to hear that your down. It is a REAL bummer when you feel at the bottom. I was down all day yesterday and it was beautiful outside. I think if i can make myself do it, i might lay in the sun for a little bit. I hate laying in bed on a beautiful day. I felt like yesterday i had been hit in the back of the neck with a ball bat and i hurt all over and was numb. I think due to i took my sister inlaw on a road trip to meet the birthmother of the baby she is going to adopt. I drove 500 miles there and back and i think the drive and the rush of the whole thing did me in BUT it was well worth it for my sisterin law. God love her. Anyways, i am only 41 and there are days i feel the same way as you. The only advice i can give is just hang in there cause this shall too pass. (and then come again, dang it!) But i will be praying for u and keep in touch if you want. God Bless you. mama
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    Sorry to hear you're so down. Do you have a counselor? You might be clinically depressed, but I'm not going to say you need antidepressants because I managed to get out of my last bout without meds. I think mine was actually caused more by s couple situations in a row which compounded my loneliness, on top of unrealized expectations (expectations get me every time, and I should know better). Anyway, it could help you to have someone to just listen, and to maybe help you cope mentally with the challenges from this DD, or to set limits for yourself, or something.

    About your vacation next week, I totally understand. Every once in awhile I think "I need a vacation", then I realize that will do no good because I'll just be taking the fatigue and everything with me (I have CFS). Maybe you could do only what you think is worth the consequences?
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    I know what you are going through. I spent from Nov. of 2002 up till about mid March of this year flat on my back, crying most of the time from severe pain, didn't feel like doing anything or going anywhere. So I do know how you feel.

    I'm wondering if your planned vacation might do you a world of good. Getting out of the house, into a different invironment alone might lift your spirits. Just don't overdo it so you don't cause more pain. Maybe looking at 4 different walls will help?? lol

    Are you doing any therapy? This is one of the things that really helped me. It was torture at first, but slowly I began to notice some of the pain going away. It didn't all go away, but made my life bearable & I was able to at least make the meals. Just doing something to feel useful also lifted my spirits & helped a little with the depression I was feeling.

    I will be thinking of you & praying for you. Have you ever gone to the worship board on this site? If not, it's a good place to go. I have found a lot of comfort there.

    I really hope you are feeling better soon.

    Please take care & let us know how you're doing....Kathi
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    I understand all you are feeling.You are trying to cope with so much.I don't know what kind of vacation you have planneed but you do have to be realistic.A year ago I went to the Bahamas with my husband-I must have been nuts to get on the plane!We were at a resort and everything was right there for us.I have the ocean,pool,and a hot tub to help the pain.My husband did many things with people we met and I would just rest in the room.Many times in pain I would go out and lay under a palm tree to rest.Now that was better than home in my bedroom any day!We saw a show every night and did spend a lot of time together.I had to bring my heat and cold packs-always thought of my needs to make me comfortable.The traveling was hard-yes I had tears and felt terrible,but once I was at that the resort it was a lot better than being home and in pain.It worked for my husband too-he had a good time and that was important.So as bad as you feel a little push may be well worth it.Like I said you need to be realistic.Be good to yourself and always remember you are not alone. Lana56
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    I don't have time to answer you right now but I wanted to get your post back to the top. Just hold on Littlesquawl, things will get better. I am trying to come out of a deep depression too.

    Love and God bless you. Nana/Jan
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    Yes, I know your user name but Little Girl is a special name that my father called me all of his made me feel cherished and I want you to feel that way too.

    Life is so hard when you are in that much pain, can you get to a pain clinic? Those people are very in touch with your pain needs.

    As for the vacation. I don't know, sometimes my family drags me off for a day-trip and I hurt and I am tired BUT it does help my mood. It's a decision you'll have to make. But you should consider the type of vacation. How far? Will you be driving? How long each day? Is it a camping trip? Or a "restful" stay somewhere. The previous poster's trip sounded lovely, all things considered.

    Whatever you decide, I be thinking of you and praying for you,


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    Sorry you are feeling so bad. Hopefully someone here can help you find a good doctor. [This Message was Edited on 07/31/2003]
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    I'm new to these boards, but I had to write in response to your feelings. I, too, have been at the end of my rope lately (hence my What To Do With my Life post ranting last night).

    I just wanted to give you my best wishes and suggest, as others have, that getting out of the same four walls that you're used to staring at may be helpful - even if you don't feel like it.

    After finally breaking down and calling a friend yesterday, she came and picked me up. We didn't get a chance to talk or anything since there were people around and I ended up hurting a bit from the trip, but I felt better anyway - just getting out and away from myself for a while.

  10. kmelodyg

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    Oh hon, I am so sorry to hear that you are so depressed. I definatly know how that can be. Are you taking any kind of anti-depressants? Have you gone to any local support groups or therapies? If not, that would be a GREAT idea. I think that you could definatly use dome person-to-person contact. I wish I was there, I'd give you a big soft hug!! A good thing to do (what I do) is DISTRACT YOURSELF!! Watch a silly movie, give yourself a manicure, take a warm bubble bath, listen to some fun music, call a good friend that you haven't talked to in a while, and try to talk about OTHER things besides your health. If you need to talk or vent, you can always write me. I am a very good listener. My e-mail address is in my profile. Good luck, and try to keep your chin up!!