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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DragonBall, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. DragonBall

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    I have been diagnosed with FM for a year now (having had arthritis and hypermobility for years), nobody over here seems to have even heard of it. My memory is suffering badly, it is hard explaining this to friends and family. Is there anyone else from over here going through this?
  2. magic

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    I have FM and CFS.couldnt even remember my own phone number the other day.I have given up trying to explain to family and friends as they just say that i am looking well so why cant I do things.
  3. patchwork

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    I'm English but am living in Switzerland at the moment! I have C.F.S/F.M and now it looks as tho I may have Lyme disease! You're not alone, there are several people on this board with F.M from the U.K. There is probably a C.F.S/Me support group in your area and I bet a lot of them also have F.M.......There's kind of a lot of cofusion at the moment as to what is called what! Look up C.F.S /M.E organisations in the U.k and they'll have info on support groups.
    Good Luck! Patchworkxxxx
  4. jules_jd

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    Hello, I'm in London, and I'm having difficulty trying to get to the bottom of whats wrong! I have costo, which is certain, but I also have terrible brain fog, and dizzyness. I can't read at bedtimes anymore, and couldn't remember my boyfriends dad's name the other day, v.embarrassing. I've got terrible tiredness and go for days when i can't go outside becuase of the pain and tiredness.
    I also have trouble with family and friends believing me as my appearance is normal, especially as I am only 22.
    The Docter's think I am a suffering from depression, but I know there is something wrong as I'm actually a really happy person apart from being ill!!
    Do these symptoms sound like FM????? I would also like to mention how blown away I am by the lack of medical support you get with diseases like these, Docter's want to fob you off ALL the time!!!
  5. DragonBall

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    thanks to everyone in reply to you jules its a tough call at 22 especially when u should be out 35 have 2 kids at 10 and 5 . my 10 year oldboy understands but my 5 year old girl is missing cuddles, she jumps on my legs!.i dont have to tell u all;but i feel guilty sometimes its hard to explain. does anyone else go through this?
  6. leokat

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    I live in SW England (Yeovil - I moved here two years ago cos it's quieter than Bristol where I used to live). I was diagnosed with fibro/cfs two years ago though I had been sick for a long while before hand. I have had varied experiences with doctors.

    Fortunately two good experiences - one with an 'arthritis' doctor in Bath and another with the doctor who assessed me for Disability Living Allowance - has helped me retain at least a modicum of belief that there are people out there who understand.

    No you are not alone. Sadly there are many others of us out here.
  7. pinkquartz

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    pinkquartz in Dorset.
    not saying much at moment as have other stuff on mind but wanted to say hello !
    i'm originally from london but have lived all over the place including bristol.
    like it here in by the sea best !
    i know there is a FM national group around though do you have that info ?