alot of meds still in pain????oxcicoton+patches

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    Hello fello members I havent posted here for a while now but i thought i might get some in put as most of us want right. Well after two rotor cuff surgeries and a pinched SI nerve in my hip, Nerve Blocks,oxcicotin,Lidocaine patches, antiinflammatories,klonopin, elival, Zoloft,thats alot for one little gal such as myself there are a couple others only used occasionally. Any suggestions I am patient at Pain clinic now and thats the best ive been able to do so far. Any info or input appreciated. Thansk and you al hang in there cause I am so you have to also, write more later
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    I don't have much to say to help...but I have had 3 surgeries on my right shoulder. One about 11 years ago was an A/c seperation and 2 rotator cuff surgeries in 2 years. It was after the second surgery that I really "blew-up" with this DD, tho I had had some symptoms for several years before. Thought it kinda weird that the 3 of us have the same surgery in common....????
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    I am very curious as to the amounts of the meds you are taking.

    How much oxycontin: Klonopin:
    Zoloft: Lidocain patch:

    I have only heard of the Duragesic patch for pain. What does the Lidocaine patch do except help that one certain area? My kids have used it when they have have to have surgery and a needle put in their hand. But I don't know about it otherwise. It is extremely important to know what dosages you are on to share any of my experiences with you. I am not one to tell others what to do just my experience. I also went to a Pain Clinic for three weeks, eight hours a day once.

    I have also had a rotator cuff problem and taken the most of the meds you mentioned at one time or another over the last 12 years but knowing how much you take and how may times a day would help.

    Lynda B.
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    yes i have been tested with my trigger points and with My FMS i presently have 15 active trigger points of pain all stemming from my cervial , shoulders, hips, and carpul tunnel in hands recently diagnosed. And SO on we go we must prevail