alpha intrusion and xyrem

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by linda8615, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. linda8615

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    made my legs worse with restless leg syndrome. could not take it, took xyrem for three months. told the doc i could not take it, he told me he did not want to see me as his patient anymore, i was not being helpful in my treatment.
  2. place

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    Did you see any improvement in your sleep?

    Did you get off your RLS meds when you took Xyrem?

    Why do you think it was not effective?

  3. place

    place New Member

    Sorry, I have so many, I plan on try this drug.

    What is your DX? Fibro, CF or both?
  4. linda8615

    linda8615 New Member

    no improvement in sleep, drugged state wide awake with RL, and then when i did sleep was not restorative. i have fibo, RLS, alpha wave intrusion, chronic depression (who wouldn't have chronic depression.)... have to be real careful of meds taken, and now on requip, valium, klonopin, amantadine and indocin (was on sinemet, but my dopamine levels are gone and apparently the amantadine is supposed to bring back dopamine?)... hurt all over, oh yea, degenerative disc disease cervical. had cervical fusion 8 years ago. gone down hill from there.. just found out from dysfunctional family that neuropathy is in our family, wondered why i was hurting on my feet and my fingers are numb all the time, and i am the ORIGINAL princess and the pea... can't sleep on wrinkles in sheets, am using year old tempur-pedic pillow that is not working so end up taking arms to put under neck...
    i am probably CFS too.. just not yet diagnosed....
    just got SSDI approved, have been out on company disability for almost 2 years....

    will this sh** ever get better? my doc is great, on forensic files one time as a toxicologist who found poison in someone's system, etc....

  5. place

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    I am sorry things aren't going well.

    Keep working on it, you will find the solution or at least some relief some day, don't lose hope.

    Sometimes the crazest things that do it!

    Take good care and I wish you better health!
  6. linda8615

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    i am glad i found this site (accidentally)... i hope that the pain will stop one day... my family (my father's side) is totally dysfunctional and i just found out one thing about our family med history, besides alcoholism (i don't have) is that one uncle died because he had neuropathy... my feet and hands hurt all the time, is that a reason? i am seeing an holistic doc who is also a toxicologist, forensic doc, etc (5 MD's in one doc)... and he is great, but so far even the holistic meds make me hurt.. i am on the SCD (specific carbohydrate diet)... does that work?