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  1. klutzo

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    I have only been on Armour Thyroid for a week now, and only at 30 mgs., but it has already made a huge difference in how I feel and what I can do.
    My TSH was 3.44, which is not considered too high by most conventional doctors.
    Thank God I was able to find a holistic doc who would try this protocol.
    She also put me on Progesterone drops, made up by a compounding pharmacy. I put 3 drops under my tongue each morning for 3 weeks,then take one week off and then start again. It only cost $10 for a 90 day supply!
    The progesterone immediately improved my mood...all depression was gone, and a "go with the flow" feeling was in it's place.
    I did things all day and evening long yesterday, non-stop without feeling exhausted,and without suffering increased pain today. I no longer feel overwhelmed, like I need to hide at home, or like I can't handle things.
    In fact, about 85% of my pain disappeared!
    I know many of you have read about this type of protocol in Madwolf's posts, and I encourage you to try it, if you can find someone who will prescribe it for you.
    Madwolf usually also prescribes low dose Cortef. I am not on that yet, as my new doc uses an ASI test (adrenal stress index) to find out if you need it, and the results are not back yet. She also favors licorice tea as a treatment for that part of the problem. ASI tests are not considered useful by conventional docs, but they are covered by insurance if coded what are the docs missing here that the ins. companies know?
    Back in 1986 when I was first diagnosed, the one who dx'd me said she thought there must be a thyroid connection, since FMS symptoms are exactly like severe hypothyroid. She put me on Synthroid as an experiment and it made my pulse go crazy so I quit. If she had known about the T3 conversion problem and used Armour Thyroid instead, I might have been spared 18 yrs. of misery. Who knows?!
    Anyway, Madwolf's posts are why I tried this, and now I hope some of you will see my post and decide to try it.
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  2. achy

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    I am so glad it is working for you. Just make sure you don't overdo at the beginning..give you body time...
    Well, you know that already.
    I have tried the Cytomel, but not the armour. The cytomel did help the fatigue a little, but not enough to outweigh the risks. My new rhumy is not willing to "try" anthing...strickly by the book. But I'm stuck wiht him for a while...applying for SSD.

    Enjoy your new "freedom"
  3. tansy

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    I am so pleased to hear this.

    Just goes to show the value of shared knowledge and information.


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  4. Plantscaper

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    Hi Klutzo,

    Are the progesterone drops a lot different from, say, medroxyprogesterone (a synthetic progesterone) and do you have to get a prescription? and does it trigger a period, if you are menopausal?

    I am going thru perimenopause, now, and had decided not to use HRT...especially, too, because I had severe migraines..If you test out to need the Adrenals treated, can you just buy licorice tea at a health food store? Does she feel that the Cortef may have more negatives than positive gains?

    I hope that all these new improvements help you a great deal...My doc has put me on Thyrolar, now, instead of Synthroid...I have gone thru the tests on the adrenal website, and seem to have a mixture of both thyroid/adrenal symptoms..and it really fits my symptomaology...

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  5. Mikie

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    I am so happy for you. This is great! I am fortunate that I can convert to the T3, so the Synthroid does help me.

    It's always so wonderful when one of us discovers a treatment which helps.

    Love, Mikie
  6. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    Mikie - I got no help from Synthroid either, in fact it made my pulse too fast. This doc never uses synthetics. BTW, my T3 is normal and so were my antibodies to thyroid hormone. The idea of this treatment is that some are much more sensitive than average to slight deviations from the ideal for their bodies. It is like Madwolf said: "treat the symptoms, not the test results".

    Barb - the adrenal insufficiency is the reason for having chemical sensitivites in the first place. Once that is treated with Cortef, you become more able to tolerate things. I am extremely chemically sensitive, and that is one reason why only natural hormones are used. Go to chronicfatigue and a dot org and you can read about the theory behind this.

    Plantscaper - No this is not a synthetic product. Yes you need a prescription and the doctor faxes it to the compounding pharmacy. In my case, the script went to my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin and they sent the drug to me by mail here in Florida. Progesterone will not increase migraines, that is estrogen, which most alt. practitioners will never prescribe. I can't use licorice tea since I have high blood pressure, so I will have to have Cortef. I cannot use glandular extracts either, for the same reason. When you use glandulars you get both cortisone and adrenaline, which I do not need. Too much adrenaline is my problem! Some people may need both ,which is why staging of the problem with the ASI test is so important. If your diagnosis is CFS, you probably need both. I don't know how this doc feels about Cortef yet. She wanted to see my ASI test before we discussed it. I just sent her a Thank You card, and I plan on bringing her flowers the next time I go there.....never did that for a doc before, that's for sure!

  7. Plantscaper

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    Hi Klutzo,

    Is there anyway I could get the same progesterone drops you use, from that pharmacy, if I could get a prescription through my doc...what needs to be on the script for that? Or do you need to find a naturopath or integrative doc for this? My doc is a woman and is more openminded than most in her profession..but she is a Family Med doc.

    I have been on just progesterone, before, although synthetic, medroxyprogesterone..stopped it so that I could go through menopause naturally..but am wondering if I should at least take progesterone...and can't tolerate natural progesterone cream..

    Thanks for any help you can provide,
    Hope you continue to do well,

  8. spatialbean

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    for the information.

    Where is the adrenal web site, with the test?

  9. klutzo

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    Spatialbean - there are two which I cannot print here or I'll get kicked off. Here is a hint: one is the website for Dr Gerald Poesnecker at chronicfatigue and a dot org. Hours of reading there. Another is the website of Dr. Bruce Rind at drrind and a dot com. Click on the thyroid/adrenal box, then select Metabolic Scorecard to see how your symptoms fit.

    Plantscaper - don't know how to answer you, since I never actually saw my prescription and do not know what was written on it. It went to Women's International Pharmacy, but any compounding pharmacy could have done it. I think CVS drugstores have them. You might check out the website of the clinic I go to now and see if there is some way to contact them and find out at wellnessworks and a dot com, or put "Carol Rogers, M.D." into a search engine. I do not see Dr. Rogers, as her waiting list was way too long. I see her associate, Dr. Erica Bradshaw. I could not tolerate the creme either.
    BTW, I now know it was the progesterone drops that created my sudden feeling of normality. I did not look in a mirror when measuring out the drops that day and took an overdose. Today I am not nearly as great as I was yesterday since I took the correct dose. I suspect I may need a higher dose, or that a slow build-up will eventually provide the same result as what I got when I took too much. This is what it says on my bottle of drops" "Progesterone 40 mg./ 8 drop #10 cc place 3 drops under tongue daily for 2 months, then days 1-21 of each month. shake well before using." Sorry, but that's all the info I have.

    Barb - I am so sorry. I cannot imagine why thyroid and cortef would slow you down like that, unless maybe you need adrenaline rather than cortef. I hope you can find some way to ease your suffering.

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  10. layinglow

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    Great Post! Can't tell you how happy I am that you have found a "feel better" :)

    I am going to copy this post and talk to my Doc--have an appt. this Friday. We have touched on the subject before, but had so many things to deal with at that time, that took priority. I think the time to approach this again is at hand. Thanks so much!

  11. spatialbean

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    you, Klutzo.