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    Welcome Alane, I am also new and am delighted I found this site. I have F.M.T.M.J. Candida,Arthritis,Osteoporsis. I am not great at present at sleeping, as I was on Ampthriptline and .was to zonke d on it. I also take b6,magnesiam,and valerian to help me sleep.

    Looking forward to your postings.

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    You say you are taking B6 and magnesium for sleep. Maybe you could consider joining the many people here who use ZMA. It's a special blend of mag, B6 and zinc. It has helped many many of us to sleep better. I find it doesn't particularly help getting off to sleep ~things like valerian may help there~ but it helps to keep me asleep longer. I still often wake up in the night, but sleep longer periods in between.

    pam xx
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    Welcome. I think you will fnd many good people here, and learn a lot. I know I have.
    I use Sleepytime Tea Extra (with valerian) to help me sleep. I am a diabetic, though, so I need to get up at least once a night, but it does help me get to sleep.
    Take care,
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    Hi & welcome,
    Youve found a great site here with lots of very supportive people & you can get hugs aswell.
    Hugs (((((((((((((((((((((((((.
    sharon d