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    Hi..well..she started with nutrition. I had kept track of my food intake for a week. She wants me to eat three meeals a day..they are all to contain protein the size of my palm..fruit or veggie..and some kinda carb. I was surprised with the carb, but she said it was to stabalize my sugars. Suppose to keep cutting down on the caffeine..mainly my coffee...and cut the sugars. She said if I have to have a cookie or something to eat it at the end of one of my meals.

    I start detoxing tomorrow. She is starting me on a really small amount of it to start out with..cause she does NOT want me to herx. 1/4 teas. of evironmental detox..also some lymphatic drainage stuff. She said its a bad deal to detox if you do not boost your lymphatic system at the same time. And something called Immuplex..a multi high powered vitamin. All my other supps, except my Juice Plus are side lined for now.

    Some of tests revealed that my liver is severely toxic and my adrenals are ever so tired out. BUT..she says I will be chasing the goats around and keeping up with my Mom..its just gonna take a bit of time to do it..probably months. She is also putting me on 12 drops of Iodine in water for energy.

    I am excited, nervous and a bit scared to fail..but I am starting in the morning and I feel this is going to be the answer. She said detox is a must and that everything else is doable and will fall into place..I just gotta get that junk outta me. Also supposed to drink minimum of 64 oz of water a day.

    I am supposed to walk 20 minutes a day. I can start out at 5 minutes and work up if I have to.

    There was something interesting that she said..this detox stuff is supposed to reach into not only the organs..but it is supposed to work on the cellular level. I am all for that.

    Well..just an update..My next appt is the 19th..but she is only an email and/or a phone call away..I love this woman. If you have any words of support or prayers..I would surely take them.

    Wishing you all answers to what you need. ....Sherry
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    I'm excited for you! I am going to start a detox soon too. My nutritionist put it in the mail to me today so I should get it tomorrow or the next day. I'm to read it over and e-mail him with questions, etc. I'm also hoping it helps. He said I could treat each symptom, but until I get to the root of things I would always be doing that. So hopefully this will get rid of the nasty stuff inside of me. Let us know how yours works out!!!!

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    Thanks so much for your responses. I do think there will be a few days that I may not feel too well doing this...but I do not feel all that well least there sounds like there is light at the end of the tunnel with this treatment. will never know how much I appreciate the encouragement and feedback on the Immuplex.

    Annette...Hey keep me updated on your progress and I will keep you updated on mine. Maybe we can help each other through this!! Good luck to you!!
    an anxious Sherry