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    I found a site that has diagrams of our Body, I have printed them out and now I'm going to mark the area's that give me the most Pain, and then I'm going to date when I started having them at that spot, and for how along and type of Pain.

    I have way to many Different problems going on at once, that I needed to get a Handel on it, so that I can make the Best decision's.

    I found a bunch of Information on the "Americal Medical Association", just type that name into your search Engine, and you'll have no problem finding them.

    I also made a simple Pain Scale, to track my Pain, where it's at, and my dose's of Meds. Then at the end of the month, I'll copy them and send them to each of my Doctor's, with 4 of them, soon to be 5, I will need to do this in order to Remember everything that is going on.

    Plus it helps the Doctor to Justify giving me Pain Med's, should they be given any Static about Prescribing for me. In Ca, it's not to big a Problem. But I believe in being well armed. The information is easy to understand, so it should help me to talk to my Doctors better. I sometimes have trouble finding the Right Word's, lol, so if I have the Picture, that will help.

    Also try the site, Partners against pain, they have a ton of info there too.

    You have to Stay on top of the Pain, if you don't it get's worse, then it takes longer to get rid of it.
    So I'm willing to Help the Doctor's out, by making it easy for them to see what I'm doing to Help myself get better.

    Hope you can use the info, the diagrams are really Cool.

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    Shalom, Shirl
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    In case anyone want's this info. Partners Aganist Pain has the Pain Chart's also.