Alternative Cancer Cures

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    I want to get this to my grandkids dad who was just dx'd with lung cancer, I'm sure he's heading into conventinal treatments, but with this dx I would sure LOOK at everything.

    THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO. I t very well covers the entire cancer industry FRAUD, and presents several well known alternative CANCER CURES. The producers recommend The
    Budwig Diet Protocol + Essiac Tea. Disappointingly, the video does not present The Simoncini Sodium Bicarbonate ( S:B, aka Baking Soda ) Protocol, nor the DMSO S:B
    Protocol. @ 2 hours text. I recommend that you use your mouse pointer with the Play / Pause, to more easily read sometimes full screen and reduced sized text.

    As I suspect that this video may become deleted, I plan to burn a few DVDs. I suggest that you do the same, AND, save the organizational source link.

    Also getting the body into a 7.5 pH alkaline state is vital too.
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    Have you looked into the Gerson Therapy?