alternative medicine..has anyone tried an iridologist

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by starstella, May 25, 2003.

  1. starstella

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    I heard of someone who does nutritional and supplement counseling based on a review of symptoms, blood pressure, ph levels, food intake analysis, and photographic iridology. I'm feeling inclined to give it a try. Has anyone had any experience with this?
  2. starstella

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    I will post after I start to share the experience with others.
  3. klutzo

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    My Naturopath used Iridology as her main diagnostic tool. She uses the large telescoping machine that shines a light in your eye rather than photos.
    Imagine my surprise when she looked into my right eye and informed me that my father had a heart attack in his early 50's! Either she was psychic or iridology is not the quackery that most people think it is, including the NIH study that concluded it was useless snake oil. BTW, my dad did have a heart attack at age 53, and she told me that it showed in my iris because I have inherited the same weakness.
    I was also told I have a toxic ring, meaning my body is not eliminating toxins properly, which is exactly what the acupuncturist told me.
    I understand that there are some very good Iridologists and lots of bad ones, as with most things. I hope you got one of the good ones.
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    Last year I had a reading done by an iridologist. I was not really impressed with the results, however, he did make recommendations for herebal remedies after I told him I had CFS which I purchased. None seemed to help any of my symptoms. I have, however, heard from other people that their readings were right on the mark. The cost seemed o.k. $25. Best of luck to you. Tulip
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    has a follow-up program. He will actually come to your house if you would likel
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    It has been several years, and I can't remeber the details. I am having problems with very dry skin right now, and he did mention that I had a thyroid problem. My dad had a thyroid problem too. I have had it checked several times by a doctor, and they said no "problem". I have talked to several people, and read articles regarding the Thyroid. From the information I have read and heard, the United States medical field do the test the thyroid properly. According to my sources, checkignthe blood is not an accurate reading. I can't rmember details, but I might go back and do some further research.