Alternative to Elavil?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrodoll, Apr 6, 2003.

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    I stopped taking my elavil 5 days ago cause in the time since I started taking it I have gained 30 pounds. My self-image was suffering. I was trying hard to lose weight but every time I went back to doc I had gained another 5 pounds.
    I read other posts where some complained of elavil causing them to be groggy. I never had that problem could take that stuff middle of day and still be wide awake and I was on 100mg a night. I'm very med resistant. I can have a medication work first time but not next and dose has to be increased. I have had a few problems with going cold turkey but nothing I can't deal with.
    I want to find alternative to elavil but without the weight gain. I take neurontin and zanaflex now but as with elavil they do not seem to effect my alertness.
    Any suggestions? Thanks, Valerie
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    Hope you weaned yourself off the elavil and did`nt just stop taking it completely. My doctor took me off it totally and it attacked my liver. I was very sick for about three weeks. Just thought I`d tell you that it is a drug that you should be weaned slowly off of.
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    you should not go cold turkey on the elavil. I tend to gain weight and have gained about 30pds since turning 40 (not from elavil) . I am on elavil 50mg for 2 months now and have not gained weight nor do I have the munchies. I think the lower doses do not tend to have this side effect. Neurontin is a big time culprit of weight gain!
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    I was only taking elavil for sleep. Oddly enough being dxed with fibro lifted the depression I had felt for years. It meant I wasn't crazy also resolved some issues with my Mom at same time. I got job few months after dx due to finacial problems. I was unable to seek pain relieve until many months after that because we had no health ins.
    I have a very helpful and supportive family. Husband and kids do anything for me, I am lucky woman. I am not a complainer and keep lot of pain to myself, they see how I hobble around after a day of work though. I also have pain in hips that wakes me at night, sometimes so bad that I am unable to go back to sleep.
    I try to be very optimistic cause I figure that as long as I wake each morning half my battle for that day is won. Don't go thinking I'm Suzy Sunshine though cause I get frustrated just like everyone else and I lay down, cry for awhile, sleep and get back up and go on.

    I've gone off of other drugs on my own before and I am pretty good at recgonizing any serious problems. I will be okay, thanks for the worry, Valerie.

    P.S. Been taking elavil for almost year now. Have only been taking nerontin for 2 months and I can report that I no longer suffer from constant headaches! If I were to continue to gain weight after longer on the nerontin I would probably stop taking it to but only time will tell.
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  5. layinglow

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    Hi ya Doll :)

    I began with Elavil for sleep---it was not the med for me!
    In addition to the weight gain you describe, it did not make me sleepy, so falling asleep was really a challenge. When I finally did fall asleep I was still having 15-20 wake ups a nite.

    After talking to Mikie on the benefits of Klonopin, I have been using that for about 6 months. It is wonderful! No weight gain, no racing mind at bedtime, and 0-1 wake ups a nite--with a full nights sleep. I DO NOT wake up the least bit groggy either.

    Best wishes,

    Most start off at .5mg at bedtime.
    I am drug resistant and take 1mg at bedtime.[This Message was Edited on 04/07/2003]
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    I'm so glad the Klonopin works well for you too. It doesn't work for everyone. It just seems to be such a good all around drug and works on so many things.

    Love, Mikie
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    Has anyone heard of this? I heard it could be a good alternative to the elavil. I am considering switching...........but would like to know more about it first. If any of you know, please let me know. Thanks.