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  1. bct

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    There are no LLMDs in my area. Even if there were I would not be able to afford to see one, due to my limited income (disability/medicaid).

    Do you think the Buhner book is appropriate. I have gotten it, and am a little overwhelmed, but am willing to try his route if anyone thinks it would be appropriate for chronic Lyme.

    What do you all think?

  2. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member in the same situation youre in. It was suggested that i might just have to treat myself. If you search at you will find different protocols. Dr B's is popular i believe. I think the buhner protocol is discussed as well. Join the flash discussion. If youve already checked it ignore me. Im a recent dx myself. Its very discouraging to need to see a dr and cant. Good luck!
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    Barry, I used to be surprised at the number of people with fatigue based illnesses who have listed gardening as a hobby. I am not anymore. The more time that we spend outdoors the greater the chance of tick bites. Some estimate that a person gets one tick bite per decade and gardeners would have an even greater contact with ticks as do pet owners.

    Try either one of the popular herbal protocols like Buhner or Cowden. I've used Buhner myself simply because I'd rather swallow an herb than a tincture. I did half the suggested doses of the Buhner protocol for one year while on antibiotics. I thought some of the herbal tinctures were pricey when considering the length of treatment and the number of drops one needs to take.

    My LLMD accepts insurance unlike many. They are out there. Keep looking! I have been in treatment for 4 years and feeling better than ever.

  4. victoria

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    there is a Buhner Lyme protocol group at yahoo, at

    there has been an update to his protocol... see my post about it a few posts below this, or at the post in the top sticky about Buhner's protocol, it should be on the 1st page of that.

    I've not used it, but many have been helped. It's not real cheap tho, and it can be hard to figure out what's what. One good reason to join the group at yahoo if you choose to do this.

    There are some other alternatives too, probably the cheapest is Salt/C.

    The guy who runs it was quite skeptical about it until nothing else helped his wife with her Lyme. They do talk as well about other alternatives, as does the Buhner group.

    Few stick to one protocol only ... or do only one protocol.

    Hope that helps. By the way, many LLMDs after the initial visit will do follow-ups by phone consults, which helps to keep the costs down.

  5. Misfit101

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    I can tell you that there arent any LLMDs that take medicaid. I can also tell you that i was told that if youre on medicaid its illegal for them to allow you to pay cash. But you really need to go to lymenet and join the flash discussion. Once you get past the well intentioned ppl that just advise seeing a LLMD you can find some answers. I didnt mean anything against you victoria...honestly. There are some over there that dont get that you cant afford a LLMD. The office calls alone are in the hundreds...and a 1st visit can run in the thousands. Thats with labs etc of course. But there ARE ways and they will help you with that too. It can be done and im about to do it myself. And ck out those links victoria put up! Youve got to get proactive concerning this.
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  6. victoria

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    I'm really glad to find that out.

    We spent a lot of our retirement $$ on our son and felt lucky we could help him... He had NO type of insurance for any of his treatment, couldn't even get the pt help from drug companies because we never knew how long he would be on any one abx (lead time to get approved by drug companies was about 6 weeks if I remember right.) For those with insurance or their own money, they say an average of about $65K is spent to even get a Lyme dx, I felt lucky I could figure it out as quickly as I did on my own, pretty amazingly.

    (I'm not that smart lol, it was all really good timing with publicity about it and its overlap with CFIDS and his mirroring some of my symptoms. My, wouldn't some psychologists have fun with that.)

    Yay for your proactivity, Becky!!! Please keep everyone posted here on your progress and what you find works for you.

    all the best,

  7. Misfit101

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    Victoria...your son is very lucky to have the parents he has. God bless yall. And if my dr doesnt get off her behind and do something...i wont be able to post publicly the route ill be forced to take. Thats why barry needs to get to lymenet...there ARE i was told. I admit at 1st i got frustrated with some who didnt get that seeing a LLMD was impossible and kept repeating to get to one...but others got it and had solutions. Thats a great place over there. Tons of helpful info!
  8. victoria

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    I know you can't post the "how's" of getting treatment here....
    but hope you can post the "whats" of your treatment and keep us updated?

  9. Misfit101

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    I will so do that. The clocks ticking...