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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by krock, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. krock

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    I am unable to get my doctor to continue to prescribe CSM to treat my mold illness. Anyone know of any other substitutes that do not require a prescription? And how long are you supposed to stay on it after the toxic mold exposure? I have been on CSM ofr just over 1 year. Thanks for any insights.

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    1. Take a look at page/slide 43 (of 48), called "Alternatives to CSM":

    I've never really heard feedback/reports about people using any of these alternatives (outside of Welchol which also requires a prescription).

    2. Has your C4a gone down since you've been using CSM?
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    How long have you been taking cholestyramine? Did you take the VCS(?) visual contrast sensitivity test? What's your doctor's objection, are you getting lab results that are not good because of it?

    There's a product called Cholestapure that some use instead, it may be an option. You can read more about it here - tho it is a Lyme related site, that doesn't exempt Lymies from mold problems.
    Cholestepure is "a natural product made from plant sterols".... you may want to look more up about it.

    There's also at least one thread here about removing neurotoxins that would seem to overlap:

    Hope that helps.

    All the best,

  5. krock

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    My PCP doesn't really get the mold illness thing, and just thinks the CSM isn't necessary anymore. Dr. Shoemaker, who I saw once, gave me the initial Rx with 12 months of refills, which I am now out of. And he won't phone in a refill unless I travel to MD to see him again, which I don't have the energy or money to do. This is all so frustrating. My C4a did come down some, but was still high. It doesn't look like I can take the Cholestepure because it is soy-based and I'm allergic to soy. I still welcome any other ideas.
  6. Lono83

    Lono83 New Member

    1. If you have high cholesterol then you can definitely get a doctor to prescribe CSM or Welchol for that. Also if you have low HDL ("good cholesterol") then doctors will often consider cholesterol meds too.

    2. Point of inquiry - how low were your VIP and MSH? I'm always interested hearing about that.

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