Alternatives to T3 - liothyronine?

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    I've had t3 - liothyronine compounded several places, each time I get sinus headaches and runny noses, totally allergic. Are there any alternatives?
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    have you tried the herb rhodiola (check it out on the net) or iodine? These may help a little, but maybe not a lot, but they do support the thryoid. I do not tolerate T3 very well either. Two years ago, my doc. put me on it and I had to come off it because of side effects. Not like yours, but heat, sweating and mood swings. Last year he started me on rhodiola, and iodine drops (I rub them into my skin and they soak right in overnight). Three months ago, he started me on vitD3 to support the thyroid's absorption of the T3 and I went on T3 again. After a bumpy start, things APPEAR to have settled down and I am tolerating the T3 much bettern. Have you had you D3 levels checked? It would be an idea to at least know what they are - there is a big debate re. taking Vit d3 - but it never hurts to know what your levels are. Check out the threads.

    Good luck

    LISALOO New Member

    Thank you!

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